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Trivia Quiz - The Great Outdoors: Movie Fun!

This quiz is a general knowledge quiz about the movie, "The Great Outdoors." The movie stars Dan Akroyd and John Candy as brother-in-laws that share a wacky week in the woods.

Quiz Number: 3360
Date Submitted: April 13, 2010
Quiz Categories: Comedy Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: kdasmoot
Average Score: 69.1 percent
Times Taken: 688 times
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The Great Outdoors Movie Fun
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1. Chet, played by John Candy, has two sons. His oldest son is named Buck. What is the name of Chet's youngest son?
  A.   Tim
  B.   Ben
  C.   Jim
  D.   Ken

2. When Chet takes the kids to the dump to watch the bears, what does he lure them closer to the car with?
  A.   Snickers candy bars
  B.   Marshmallows
  C.   Fish
  D.   Zagnut candy bars

3. One of the most famous scenes in the film is when Chet eats 'the old 96er,' a 96oz steak. Chet eventually throws up after seeing what?
  A.   Someone else eating a steak
  B.   Rotting fish
  C.   Maggots on meat
  D.   The desert cart

4. Roman has a personalized license plate. What does Roman's license plate say?
  A.   Banker
  B.   Money
  C.   Bullswin
  D.   Roman1

5. Roman talks Chet into investing $25,000. Chet doesn't have all the money but thinks he can get it from the bank on the following Monday. Chet writes Roman out a check. How much is the check written for?
  A.   $2,000
  B.   $5,000
  C.   $8,,000
  D.   $10000

6. Roman, played by Dan Akroyd, rents a speed boat. What is the name of the boat?
  A.   Suck My Wake
  B.   Daddy's Little Baby
  C.   Fast Like Us
  D.   Jam Halen

7. The three main ladies in the film all have similar names. Chet's wife is Connie. Roman's wife is Kattie. What is Buck's love interest's name?
  A.   Carrie
  B.   Cammie
  C.   Kathy
  D.   Corey

8. The Cabin the group stays at is the Perk's Pine Lodge. Their cabin has a specific name. What is the name of their cabin?
  A.   The Fishing Hole
  B.   Lover's Retreat
  C.   The Loon's Nest
  D.   Serienity in the Woods

9. A big part of the movie is the bald bear. What is the name of the bald bear from Clair County?
  A.   Ben
  B.   Grant
  C.   Mary
  D.   Jody

10. Wally, the lodge keeper, has writing on his shirt. What does his shirt say?
  A.   Perk's Pine Lodge
  B.   Welcome to Wisconsin
  C.   I've Been To Duluth
  D.   Green Bay Packers®   

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