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Trivia Quiz - Back to School: Movie Basics

See what you know about the comedy film, "Back to School" starring the late Rodney Dangerfield.

Quiz Number: 3731
Date Submitted: December 26, 2010
Quiz Categories: Comedy Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
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Back to School Movie Basics
(Image Source: Back to School)

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1. What fictional college do Thornton and Jason Melon attend?
  A.   Faber College
  B.   Grand Lakes University
  C.   Adams College
  D.   South Harmon Institute of Technology

2. What type of clothing store does Thornton Melon own?
  A.   Tall and Fat
  B.   Tuxedo
  C.   Casual Menswear
  D.   Wedding Gown

3. In what sport does Jason Melon compete in at school?
  A.   Fencing
  B.   Bowling
  C.   Diving
  D.   Tennis

4. What famous author does Thorton Melon hire to help Jason with one of his assignments?
  A.   Studs Terkel
  B.   Hunter S. Thompson
  C.   J.D. Salinger
  D.   Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

5. What new wave band is seen performing, "It's a Dead Man's Party" at Thorton Melon's mid-term campus party?
  A.   Men Without hats
  B.   Oingo Boingo
  C.   B-52's
  D.   Devo

6. During his final oral exam, Thornton recites a poem from memory. Who is the author of the poem?
  A.   Jane Austen
  B.   William Shakespeare
  C.   Dylan Thomas
  D.   Robert Frost

7. What late comedian played Contemoporary American History teacher, Professor Turgeson?
  A.   Sam Kinison
  B.   Andy Kaufman
  C.   George Carlin
  D.   Mitch Hedberg

8. What is the name of the impossible dive Thornton Melon performs at the diving tournament?
  A.   The Double Lutz
  B.   FrontSide Panache
  C.   The Triple Lindy
  D.   Quadruple Frontside

9. What "A" list actor played Jason Melon's best friend, Derek Lutz?
  A.   Brad Pitt
  B.   Robert Downey, Jr.
  C.   Tom Cruise
  D.   Tom Hanks

10. What fictional product does Dr. Barbay use as an example while discussing the creation of a fictional company in his economics class?
  A.   Widget
  B.   Cruxlet
  C.   Binglet
  D.   Miglet®   

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