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Trivia Quiz - Tommy Boy: Hilarious Film!

General questions about the hilarious movie, "Tommy Boy!"

Quiz Number: 1663
Date Submitted: October 06, 2007
Quiz Categories: Comedy Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: ravioli
Average Score: 77.8 percent
Times Taken: 873 times
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Tommy Boy Hilarious Film
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1. What is the name of the company that Tommy Boy's father owns?
  A.   Coughlin Auto Parts
  B.   Crowley Auto Parts
  C.   Callahan Auto Parts
  D.   Connors Auto Parts

2. Tommy Boy barely graduates from what university?
  A.   Xavier University
  B.   Marquette University
  C.   University of Notre Dame
  D.   Boston College

3. How did Tommy Boy's father die?
  A.   he was crushed by a machine at his own factory
  B.   he choked on a piece of shrimp
  C.   he was hit by a car
  D.   he was singing and dancing at his wedding and had a heart attack

4. Tommy Boy supposes that Richard's "favorite Little Rascal" is:
  A.   Buckwheat
  B.   Alfalfa
  C.   Spanky
  D.   Froggy

5. Tommy Boy and his girlfriend take a ride in what type of boat?
  A.   paddle boat
  B.   sail boat
  C.   row boat
  D.   pontoon boat

6. Tommy Boy and Richard hit what kind of animal when they were driving somewhere in the Midwest?
  A.   moose
  B.   deer
  C.   cow
  D.   coyote

7. What does Tommy Boy do at the meeting to stop the company take over?
  A.   straps car flairs and a watch to his stomach
  B.   hold up a bank
  C.   take a hostage
  D.   says the company is not for sale

8. What is Tommy's girlfriend's name?
  A.   Rachelle
  B.   Beverly
  C.   Michelle
  D.   Wanda

9. Tommy and Richard are driving down the road and Richard is drinking while driving. How do they get rid of the police when pulled over?
  A.   Tommy fakes a heart attack
  B.   Richard throws up
  C.   they jump out of the car screaming "bee's bees" pretending to be stung
  D.   Tommy bribes the cop

10. Who is the person who wants to acquire Tommy's father's business?
  A.   Ray Zalinsky
  B.   Roy Zolinsky
  C.   Ray Zowolski
  D.   Roy Zytowski®   

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