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Trivia Quiz - Home Alone 2: Easy Version

I found this sequel had more depth and meaning than the original film. I hope you enjoy my easy quiz on "Home Alone Two".

Quiz Number: 5219
Date Submitted: December 24, 2013
Quiz Categories: Comedy Movies, Christmas Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 68.6 percent
Times Taken: 155 times
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Home Alone 2 Easy Version
(Image Source: Home Alone 2 Title Card @ wikipedia)

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1. What did Kevin's Grandma Penelope send him for Christmas?
  A.   bunny slippers
  B.   a Hello Kitty beach ball
  C.   an inflatable clown
  D.   a sun hat

2. Where in Florida did the McCallisters go this particular Christmas?
  A.   Jacksonville
  B.   Miami
  C.   Orlando
  D.   Tampa

3. Who made a cameo appearance in the New York airport scene?
  A.   Barbara Billingsley
  B.   Demi Moore
  C.   Molly Ringwald
  D.   Ally Sheedy

4. Harry and Marv stowed away on a:
  A.   cattle truck
  B.   fish truck
  C.   tour bus
  D.   trash barge

5. What president once stayed on the same floor of the hotel where Kevin stayed?
  A.   Franklin D. Roosevelt
  B.   Gerald Ford
  C.   Herbert Hoover
  D.   Richard Nixon

6. What was the name of the toy store featured in the film?
  A.   Duncan's Toy Chest
  B.   FAO Shwartz
  C.   Toys R Us
  D.   Kaybee Toys

7. What did Kevin take (with permission) from the tree in the toy store?
  A.   an angel
  B.   a gold drum
  C.   a silver flute
  D.   two turtledoves

8. At their Florida hotel, the McCallisters watched "It's A Wonderful Life" in what language?
  A.   Creole
  B.   English
  C.   French
  D.   Spanish

9. Where was Kevin when his mother found him?
  A.   Central Park
  B.   The Met
  C.   Rockefeller Center
  D.   Yankee Stadium

10. At what New York hotel did Kevin stay?
  A.   The New York Palace
  B.   The Plaza
  C.   The Ritz-Carlton
  D.   The Waldorf Astoria®   

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