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Trivia Quiz - Porky's: A Wild Movie!

General questions about the movie, "Porky's."

Quiz Number: 1662
Date Submitted: October 06, 2007
Quiz Categories: Comedy Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: ravioli
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Porkys A Wild Movie
(Image Source: Porky's Movie Poster)

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1. In the movie Porky's what is the name of the high school that the gang attends?
  A.   Miami Beach High School
  B.   Seward High School
  C.   Angel Beach High School
  D.   Coral Gables High School

2. In Porky's who do the boys call and ask for when they phone the local hangout?
  A.   Mike Hunt
  B.   Ben Dover
  C.   Dick Hertz
  D.   Dick Swetts

3. What is the name of the prostitute in the movie Porky's to whom the boys lose their money in a scam?
  A.   Peaches & Cream
  B.   Cherry Forever
  C.   Strawberry Shortcake
  D.   Banana Jubilee

4. What is the name of the girls' gym teacher in Porky's?
  A.   Beulah Redenbacher
  B.   Beulah Bricker
  C.   Beulah Balbricher
  D.   Beulah Bacher

5. In Porky's What anti-semitism insult was made of Brian Epstein, the new Jewish boy, by Timmy Callahan?
  A.   "You are a dumb kite!"
  B.   "You are a dumb schlepp!"
  C.   "You are a real tutz!"
  D.   "You are a dumb klutz!"

6. What did the boys do to the sheriff's car in the movie Porky's that was driven by Porky's brother?
  A.   took out the carburetor
  B.   unscrewed the lug nuts on all the wheels
  C.   syphioned ou the gas
  D.   locked the keys inside

7. How do the boys summon Porky to let them know they have returned?
  A.   they scream, "Porky"
  B.   they scream, "hey you"
  C.   they scream, "seeuuee"
  D.   they attacked him with a bat

8. Which kid from Angel Beach does Porky's daughter say is her boyfriend?
  A.   Tommy Turner
  B.   Tim Callahan
  C.   Meat
  D.   Pee-Wee

9. What hood ornament does Porky have on his pink car?
  A.   cow
  B.   bull dog
  C.   jaguar
  D.   pig

10. How do the folks from Angel Beach greet Porky at the end of the movie?
  A.   with a party
  B.   with a parade and marching band
  C.   with the school drama club
  D.   with a dance®   

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