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Trivia Quiz - Tortilla Soup

In addition to being a great story, "Tortilla Soup" contains some of the best food preparation scenes ever filmed.

Quiz Number: 3645
Date Submitted: December 06, 2010
Quiz Categories: Comedy Movies, Drama Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 39.9 percent
Times Taken: 352 times
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Tortilla Soup
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1. Who composed the music Andy was listening to when he first met Maribel?
  A.   Antonio Carlos
  B.   Bebel Gilberto
  C.   Chico Buarque
  D.   Joao Gilberto

2. With what did Martin tell April she could top her ice cream?
  A.   cactus
  B.   candied pumpkin
  C.   peaches
  D.   strawberries

3. What did Martin call the dessert he invented to replace the one that got ruined?
  A.   Belle Melange
  B.   Chocolate Revenge
  C.   Hollywood Avalanche
  D.   Raspberry Rhapsody

4. What subject did Leticia teach?
  A.   biology
  B.   chemistry
  C.   earth science
  D.   math

5. What did Andy have hanging from his rearview mirror?
  A.   ba gua
  B.   dice
  C.   a figa
  D.   a rosary

6. What was the name of Carmen's restaurant?
  A.   Carmencita's
  B.   Nuevo Latino
  C.   Latino Naranjo
  D.   Viva Naranjo

7. Carmen was offered a job in:
  A.   Barcelona
  B.   Madrid
  C.   Puerto Vallarta
  D.   Tijuana

8. What did Leticia put around her eyes?
  A.   Noxema
  B.   Preparation H
  C.   Vaseline
  D.   Zinc oxide

9. Which of the following was NOT one of Hortensia's husbands?
  A.   Gustavo
  B.   Juan
  C.   Oscar
  D.   Pedro

10. What was the name of the girl who stood Andy up?
  A.   April
  B.   Enya
  C.   Eden
  D.   Jill®   

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