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Trivia Quiz - Bill Cosby: A Funny Man!

Personality quiz on Bill Cosby!

Quiz Number: 3265
Date Submitted: November 05, 2009
Quiz Categories: TV, Radio & Stage, Comedians
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: Secret_Author
Average Score: 52.2 percent
Times Taken: 188 times
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Quiz is about: Bill Cosby

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Bill Cosby A Funny Man
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1. Bill Cosby was a major character on what children's television show from 1971 - 1973?
  A.   Reading Rainbow
  B.   Captain Kangaroo
  C.   The Electric Company
  D.   Sesame Street

2. In 1999, Nickelodeon debuted a series for pre-schoolers based on what book by Bill Cosby?
  A.   Dora The Explorer
  B.   Little Bill
  C.   My House On the Hill
  D.   Fat Albert

3. Bill Cosby hosted a television show that was based on a popular feature of "Art Linkletter's House Party." Name the show.
  A.   Candid Camera
  B.   Why Did You Do That
  C.   Kids Say The Darndest Things
  D.   Loud And Funny

4. What was the name of the British sitcom that was the basis for "Cosby" in 1996?
  A.   One Foot In The Grave
  B.   Don't Tell Me I'm Too Old
  C.   Back At Home
  D.   Too Much Time

5. In the 1996 movie "Jack", Bill Cosby play Jack's tutor, Lawrence Woodruff. Who played Jack?
  A.   Jim Carrey
  B.   Robin Williams
  C.   Adam Sandler
  D.   Bill Murray

6. What was the name of the animated Saturday morning show hosted by Cosby and based on his own childhood, running from 1972 to 1979?
  A.   Cosby and Friends
  B.   Cosby and Kids
  C.   Bill Cosby Animated
  D.   Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids

7. From 1969 until 1971, Bill Cosby starred in the television show "The Bill Cosby Show". His role was a P.E. teacher at a High School in Los Angeles. Name his character.
  A.   Alexander Scott
  B.   Chet Kincaid
  C.   Heathcliff Huxtable
  D.   Hilton Lucas

8. Bill Cosby won 3 Emmy Awards for "Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series" in the television show "I Spy". Name his character.
  A.   Alexander Scott
  B.   Chet Kincaid
  C.   Heathcliff Huxtable
  D.   Hilton Lucas

9. While attending Temple University, Bill Cosby worked as a bartender in what club in Philadelphia?
  A.   The Underground
  B.   The Cave
  C.   Cheers
  D.   The Cellar

10. Bill Cosby received his first national exposure when he appeared on what show?
  A.   The Today Show
  B.   The Milton Bearle Show
  C.   The Ed Sullivan Show
  D.   The Tonight Show®   

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