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Trivia Quiz - Jim Reeves: Country Music Star

Jim is one of my favorite country singers. Thought it would be nice to author a quiz about him.

Quiz Number: 2947
Date Submitted: December 11, 2008
Quiz Categories: Country Music, Pop Music
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: scarlettem
Average Score: 63.5 percent
Times Taken: 251 times
Taken by Registered Users: 11
Quiz is about: Jim Reeves

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Jim Reeves Country Music Star
(Image Source: Jim Reeves)

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1. What state was Jim Reeves from?
  A.   Texas
  B.   Tennessee
  C.   Georgia
  D.   New Mexico

2. What was Jim's middle name?
  A.   Houston
  B.   Boone
  C.   Travis
  D.   Bowie

3. Jim Reeves was commonly known to many folks as:
  A.   Gentleman Jim
  B.   Ornery Jim
  C.   Lonseome Jim
  D.   One Eyed Jim

4. What type of singing voice did Jim have?
  A.   Irish tenor
  B.   soprano
  C.   baritone
  D.   alto

5. Jim was a talented athelete; what sport did he play?
  A.   ice hockey
  B.   baseball
  C.   basketball
  D.   football

6. Early in Jim's musical career he was a front man for:
  A.   Ernest Tubb
  B.   Hank Thompson
  C.   Eddie Arnold
  D.   Moon Mullican's Band

7. Who did Jim Reeves fill in for on the Louisiana Hayride in 1952 when that performer failed to appear?
  A.   Johnny Cash
  B.   Hank Williams
  C.   George Jones
  D.   Patsy Cline

8. What was Jim's first number one song?
  A.   He'll Have To Go
  B.   Bimbo
  C.   Mexican Joe
  D.   The Blizzard

9. What record company was Jim Reeves working for in 1964?
  A.   Reprise
  B.   Decca
  C.   RCA
  D.   Sun

10. How did Jim Reeves die on July 31, 1964?
  A.   long battle with cancer
  B.   plane crash
  C.   drunk driver
  D.   sudden heart attack®   

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