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Trivia Quiz - Like Stars on Earth

"Like Stars on Earth" (aka Taare Zameen Par) is one of THE most wonderful "inspiring teacher" flicks I have ever seen. After many viewings, I still cry at the end, because it is so touching and beautiful. One of the most uplifting films you will ever see!

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Date Submitted: February 21, 2014
Quiz Categories: Movies, Drama Movies, Musical Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
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Like Stars on Earth
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1. Ishaan's mother and brother called him:
  A.   Boo Boo
  B.   Inu
  C.   Shaani
  D.   Ishi

2. Yohan was first in his class in every subject except:
  A.   English
  B.   Hindi
  C.   Math
  D.   Physics

3. What did Ishaan's father bring him from his business trip?
  A.   candy
  B.   guppies
  C.   strawberries
  D.   watercolors

4. What was the title of the poem Rajan read aloud in class?
  A.   Interpretation
  B.   Perspective
  C.   Reflection
  D.   Sight

5. Which Hindu festival took place right before Ishaan was sent to boarding school?
  A.   Bihu
  B.   Diwali
  C.   Holi
  D.   Navrati

6. What was the name of the school run by Ram?
  A.   Applewick
  B.   Dayspring
  C.   Marblestone
  D.   Tulips

7. Ram told Ishaan's parents that their son had:
  A.   Asperger Syndrome
  B.   ADHD
  C.   dyscalculia
  D.   dyslexia

8. According to Ram, mankind is:
  A.   completely unaware of inner beauty
  B.   doomed
  C.   a lost cause
  D.   the most foolish of all species

9. What was the name of the boarding school to which Ishaan was sent?
  A.   Future Dawn
  B.   High Roads
  C.   New Era
  D.   Westwood

10. Ram quoted _______ to the principal of the boarding school.
  A.   Einstein
  B.   Gandhi
  C.   Oscar Wilde
  D.   Ralph Waldo Emerson®   

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