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Trivia Quiz - Down in the Delta: Part Two

I love this movie! I hope you enjoy the second part of my quiz on "Down in the Delta".

Quiz Number: 5178
Date Submitted: November 05, 2013
Quiz Categories: Movies, Drama Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 66.4 percent
Times Taken: 25 times
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Down in the Delta Part Two
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1. What was "Nathan"?
  A.   an antique clock
  B.   an antique silver candelabra
  C.   a bronze statue
  D.   an ivory carving

2. One tactic Zenia used to distract Annie was:
  A.   asking her to find a red grapefruit
  B.   reading her a story
  C.   having her sort through a basket of beads
  D.   having her watch TV

3. Earl made 20 flavors of what?
  A.   chicken sausage
  B.   fried pies
  C.   ice cream
  D.   lemonade

4. What was Zenia's house number?
  A.   126
  B.   2160
  C.   612
  D.   216

5. In what Mississippi town did Earl and Annie live?
  A.   Crenshaw
  B.   Hazlehurst
  C.   Mariana
  D.   Shubuta

6. What was the name of Zenia's ex-husband?
  A.   Lee
  B.   Levi
  C.   Leon
  D.   Leroy

7. Who first informed Earl that the chicken factory was closing?
  A.   Carl
  B.   Dale
  C.   Joe
  D.   Ross

8. Tracy was:
  A.   autistic
  B.   brain damaged
  C.   a crack baby
  D.   psychotic

9. What was the first thing Tracy ever said?
  A.   bye bye
  B.   cookie
  C.   mama
  D.   no

10. What were the names of Will's sons?
  A.   Colin and Justin
  B.   Darren and Tristan
  C.   Jonathan and Kevin
  D.   Michael and Winston®   

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