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Trivia Quiz - A Night at the Opera - Marx Brothers Madness

A long time before Queen made their "Night at the Opera", there was the classic Marx Brothers film which was a meeting of mirth and opera.

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Date Submitted: November 16, 2013
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Author: grant228
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A Night at the Opera  Marx Brothers Madness

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1. What was the name of the character played by Groucho Marx in A Night at the Opera?
  A.   Quincy Adams Wagstaff
  B.   Hugo Z. Hackenbush
  C.   Rufus T. Firefly
  D.   Otis B. Driftwood

2. Who played the male romantic lead in A Night at the Opera?
  A.   Nelson Eddy
  B.   Alan Jones
  C.   Howard Keel
  D.   Alan Hale

3. How many characters managed to stowaway in Groucho's trunk on the trip to New York?
  A.   1
  B.   2
  C.   3
  D.   4

4. As Groucho's character walked on to the ship he was asked by Mrs Claypool if he was sure he had everything. What response from Groucho was censored in many versions of the film?
  A.   I've never had any complaints, yet.
  B.   Yes, and all in working order
  C.   I did the last time I checked
  D.   And I can't wait to show you

5. In the famous stateroom scene, how many people manage to cram into the room?
  A.   10
  B.   15
  C.   20
  D.   25

6. Which two of the Marx brothers appeared in the "There ain't no sanity clause" scene?
  A.   Zeppo and Groucho
  B.   Groucho and Chico
  C.   Harpo and Chico
  D.   Chico and Zeppo

7. At one stage Chico and Harpo disguise themselves as long-bearded what?
  A.   firemen
  B.   policeman
  C.   sailors
  D.   airmen

8. What opera do the boys destroy in A Night at the Opera?
  A.   Pagliacci
  B.   Carmen
  C.   Il Trovatore
  D.   Aida

9. What popular song of the time is inserted by Harpo into the opera?
  A.   Take Me Out to the Ball Game
  B.   Stormy Weather
  C.   Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?
  D.   Woodchoppers Ball

10. In one of the final scenes of A Night at the Opera, when the villainous tenor complains an apple was thrown at him, Groucho tells him apples were thrown because what was out of season?
  A.   cantaloupe
  B.   cauliflower
  C.   watermelon
  D.   cabbage®   

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