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Trivia Quiz - John Mills Film Roles

In a career spanning more than 120 film roles, John Mills played a variety of characters, both fictional and real. Test your knowledge of his marvellous career.

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Date Submitted: July 29, 2014
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Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: John Mills

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John Mills Film Roles
(Image Source: John Mills)

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1. Which of the following British heroes did John Mills portray?
  A.   Horatio Nelson
  B.   Duke of Wellington
  C.   Robert Scott
  D.   Winston Churchill

2. John Mills played in many military movies. In which of the following did he not appear?
  A.   The Longest Day
  B.   Colditz Story
  C.   In Which We Serve
  D.   Above Us the Waves

3. More Mills military movies. In which of the following did he not appear?
  A.   Dunkirk
  B.   Guns of Navarone
  C.   I Was Monty's Double
  D.   Oh! What a Lovely War

4. More Mills military movies. In which of the following did he not appear?
  A.   Zulu Dawn
  B.   Tunes of Glory
  C.   Zulu
  D.   We Dive at Dawn

5. Which famed historical British figure did John Mills not portray on screen?
  A.   Jack the Ripper
  B.   General Kitchener
  C.   Field Marshall Haig
  D.   Edward VIII

6. John Mills appeared in only one adaption of a Dickens' novel which was?
  A.   Oliver Twist
  B.   Great Expectations
  C.   David Copperfield
  D.   A Christmas Carol

7. Although not a military movie, in what film did John Mills play Peter Colley who was killed in World War I?
  A.   Goodbye, Mr Chips
  B.   So Well Remembered
  C.   The Rocking Horse Winner
  D.   Flame in the Streets

8. For what film did John Mills win his only Academy Award?
  A.   The Family Way
  B.   War and Peace
  C.   Mr Denning Drives North
  D.   Ryan's Daughter

9. John Mills appeared with which singing star in Who's That Girl?
  A.   Mariah Carey
  B.   Madonna
  C.   Whitney Houston
  D.   Barbra Streisand

10. Showing how much standards in films had changed John Mills last role was in Bright Young Things playing an elderly man who...?
  A.   was addicted to pornography
  B.   groped female guests
  C.   was affected by cocaine
  D.   was continually drunk®   

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