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Trivia Quiz - Celebrities: Their Celebrity Children #4

I used middle names when the first name would give away the parents. The people may have had more children since this was written also. Have fun with this one!

Quiz Number: 3021
Date Submitted: December 29, 2008
Quiz Categories: Movie Stars, Television Stars
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: scarlettem
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Celebrities Their Celebrity Children 4
(Image Source: Desi Arnaz Jr.)

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1. Who is the parent of Alice, Ted, Kermit, Ethel, Archie and Quentin?
  A.   Robert F. Kennedy
  B.   Jim Henson
  C.   President Theodore Roosevelt
  D.   Mark Twain

2. Who is the parent of Mary Anna, Stella Nina, James Louis and Beatrice Milly?
  A.   Prince Edward
  B.   Paul McCartney
  C.   George Harrison
  D.   Roger Daltry

3. Who is the parent of Kathleen, Joseph, Francis, David, Mary, Michael, Mary Kary, Christopher, Matthew, Douglas and Rory?
  A.   Joseph Kennedy Sr.
  B.   Mia Farrow
  C.   Robert F. Kennedy
  D.   Jerry Lewis

4. Who is the parent of William and Henry?
  A.   Princess Diana
  B.   Bob Barker
  C.   Kris Kristofferson
  D.   Thomas Mitchell

5. Who is the parent of Roseanne, Kathy, Cindy, Tara and John?
  A.   Jerry Lee Lewis
  B.   Willie Nelson
  C.   Johnny Cash
  D.   Marty Robbins

6. Who is the parent of Joseph, John, Rosemary, Kathleen, Eunice,Patricia,Robert, Jean and Edward?
  A.   Jerry Lewis
  B.   Joseph Kennedy Sr
  C.   Groucho Marx
  D.   Danny Kaye

7. Who is the parent of Michael, Mary, Patrick, Melinda, Aissa, John and Marisa?
  A.   Xavier Cougat
  B.   Danny Kaye
  C.   Jerry Lewis
  D.   John Wayne

8. Who is the parent of William, Juanita and Willa?
  A.   Barbara Hale
  B.   Barbara Eden
  C.   Jackie Collins
  D.   Joan Collins

9. Who is the parent of David, Keith, Robert, Bruce and Chris?
  A.   Bing Crosby
  B.   Bill Cosby
  C.   John Carradine
  D.   John Astin

10. Who is the parent of Lucie Desiree and Desidero Alberto?
  A.   Xavier Cugat
  B.   Lola Falana
  C.   Lucille Ball
  D.   Debbie Reynolds®   

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