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Trivia Quiz - Charlie Chaplin: Iconic Film Actor

George Bernard Shaw once said that Charlie Chaplin was "the only genius to come out of the movie industry".

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Date Submitted: February 04, 2011
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Quiz is about: Charlie Chaplin

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Charlie Chaplin Iconic Film Actor
(Image Source: Public Domain Photo of Charlie Chaplin)

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1. What was Charlie Chaplin's most memorable on-screen character?
  A.   The Bum
  B.   The Tramp
  C.   The Hobo
  D.   The Vagabond

2. In 1919, Charlie Chaplin, along with three partners, founded United Artists Studios. Which of the following was NOT one of Chaplin's partners?
  A.   Mary Pickford
  B.   Lon Chaney
  C.   D. W. Griffith
  D.   Douglas Fairbanks

3. Charlie Chaplin first moved to America in 1912. With whom did he share a boarding house room?
  A.   Harold Lloyd
  B.   Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle
  C.   Buster Keaton
  D.   Stan Laurel

4. In 1925, Charlie Chaplin was the first actor to appear on the cover of what magazine?
  A.   Time
  B.   Newsweek
  C.   Saturday Evening Post
  D.   Harper's

5. Charlie Chaplin's first credited screen appearance was with Essanay films. What was the name of the film?
  A.   The Tramp
  B.   A Night Out
  C.   His New Job
  D.   The Bank

6. In 1976, at the age of 87, Charlie Chaplin very much enjoyed the last film he ever saw. What was it?
  A.   Rocky
  B.   Seven-Per-Cent Solution
  C.   The Bad News Bears
  D.   Logan's Run

7. Charlie Chaplin made several film cameo appearances. Which of the following was his final one?
  A.   A Woman of Paris
  B.   A Countess from Hong Kong
  C.   Show People
  D.   Souls for Sale

8. Charlie Chaplin received three Academy Awards in his lifetime, although he genuinely had a disdain for the awards. In fact, he jokingly used his 1929 Oscar trophy as a what?
  A.   doorstop
  B.   ice scraper
  C.   boat anchor
  D.   book end

9. Charlie Chaplin was a busy man, fathering several children. How many kids did he have? Caveat: the mother of one of these children claimed her child to be that of Chaplin, but blood tests proved otherwise.
  A.   8
  B.   10
  C.   12
  D.   14

10. In 1960, Charlie Chaplin's son, Charles Chaplin, Jr., wrote a book about his father and his family life. What was it called?
  A.   Tramp: The Life of Charlie Chaplin
  B.   Charlie Chaplin, Father, Mentor & Actor
  C.   Charlie Chaplin and His Family
  D.   My Father, Charlie Chaplin®   

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