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Trivia Quiz - Celebrity Roommates

Before they were famous, even celebrities had to share housing. Later, both roommates often became well-known.

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Date Submitted: February 20, 2011
Quiz Categories: Movie Stars, Television Stars
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: lmcubs
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Celebrity Roommates
(Image Source: Marilyn Monroe)

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1. Who was Mel Gibson's roommate before he was famous?
  A.   Russell Crowe
  B.   Ving Rhames
  C.   Geoffrey Rush
  D.   Colin Firth

2. Adam Sandler used to room with:
  A.   Judd Apatow
  B.   Ben Stiller
  C.   Jonah Hill
  D.   Ryan Reynolds

3. Before he was famous, who was Jude Law's roommate?
  A.   Liam Neeson
  B.   Ewan McGregor
  C.   John Cusack
  D.   Jeremy Piven

4. Christopher Reeve's roommate remained a great friend the rest of his life. Who was this?
  A.   Johnny Depp
  B.   Conan O'Brien
  C.   Robert Kennedy Jr
  D.   Robin Williams

5. Ben Affleck roomed with this future Oscar winner:
  A.   Holly Hunter
  B.   Whoopi Goldberg
  C.   Matt Damon
  D.   Sean Penn

6. Tommy Lee Jones befriended this college roommate:
  A.   Bill Clinton
  B.   Al Gore
  C.   Ted Kennedy
  D.   Hilary Rodham

7. Marilyn Monroe roomed with this future star early in her career:
  A.   Debbie Reynolds
  B.   Elizabeth Taylor
  C.   Tony Curtis
  D.   Shelly Winters

8. In 1955 Dustin Hoffman roomed with this future award-winning actor:
  A.   Robert Duvall
  B.   Stanley Tucci
  C.   Raymond Burr
  D.   Jeff Bridges

9. Who was Micheal Douglas' roomie?
  A.   Katherine Turner
  B.   Danny DeVito
  C.   Jay Leno
  D.   Robert Redford

10. Robert Downey Jr and this TV star were once roommates:
  A.   Matt LeBlanc
  B.   Micheal Weiss
  C.   Ty Burrell
  D.   Keifer Sutherland®   

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