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Trivia Quiz - Celebrity Birthdates: 1950s

These stars were all born within ten years of each other in the 1950's. Match the correct star with their birth date given -Bill Hint: All stars representing the incorrect answers are at least one year older or younger than the correct star! Comprende?

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Celebrity Birthdates 1950s
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1. Birth date: February 3, 1950
  A.   Victoria Principal
  B.   Bill Maher
  C.   Andy Gibb
  D.   Morgan Fairchild

2. Birth date: March 17, 1951
  A.   Kurt Russell
  B.   Pierce Brosnan
  C.   David Hasselhoff
  D.   Mel Gibson

3. Birth date: July 1, 1952
  A.   Dan Aykroyd
  B.   Ray Romano
  C.   Jeff Bridges
  D.   Jimmy Smits

4. Birth date: June 13, 1953
  A.   Donny Osmond
  B.   Tim Allen
  C.   Timothy Bottoms
  D.   Victoria Jackson

5. Birth date: April 9, 1954
  A.   Dennis Quaid
  B.   Charles Schaunessy
  C.   Emma Thompson
  D.   MacKenzie Phillips

6. Birth date: November 30, 1955
  A.   Kenny G
  B.   Elvis Costello
  C.   Billy Idol
  D.   Sheena Easton

7. Birth date: August 5, 1956
  A.   Donny Most
  B.   Antonio Banderas
  C.   Maureen McCormick
  D.   Lorraine Bracco

8. Birth date: August 9, 1957
  A.   Melanie Griffith
  B.   Tracey Ullman
  C.   Cheryl Ladd
  D.   Patricia Heaton

9. Birth date: April 3, 1958
  A.   Sandra Bernhard
  B.   Alec Baldwin
  C.   Angela Bassett
  D.   Kim Basinger

10. Birth date: October 13, 1959
  A.   Clint Howard
  B.   Delta Burke
  C.   Marie Osmond
  D.   Carrie Fisher®   

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