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Trivia Quiz - Bette Davis: Her Time in the Golden Era

Noted for her willingness to play unsympathetic characters, Bette Davis was highly regarded for her performances in a range of film genres.

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Date Submitted: February 25, 2010
Quiz Categories: Movie Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Bette Davis

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Bette Davis Her Time in the Golden Era
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1. In what movie did Bette Davis make her movie debut as an actress?
  A.   Way Back Home
  B.   Waterloo Bridge
  C.   Seed
  D.   The Bad Sister

2. In what movie did Bette Davis earn her first role as a leading lady?
  A.   Hell's House
  B.   The Man Who Played God
  C.   The Rich Are Always with Us
  D.   So Big!

3. For her role in what movie did Bette Davis earn her first Academy Award?
  A.   Of Human Bondage
  B.   The Girl from 10th Avenue
  C.   Dangerous
  D.   Front Page Woman

4. David claimed that she was the one who gave the Academy Award statue its familiar name of "Oscar," naming it after someone special in her life. Who was this Oscar?
  A.   her husband, Harmon Oscar Nelson
  B.   her agent, Oscar Nate
  C.   her father, Oscar Davis
  D.   her uncle, Oscar Davis

5. Why did Davis sue Warner Brothers in 1936?
  A.   She didn't like the fact that she had been given roles in a series of mediocre movies
  B.   She felt she was underpaid
  C.   She felt her leading men were underqualified
  D.   They made her travel to many locations that she considered dangerous

6. For her role in what movie did Bette Davis earn her second Academy Award?
  A.   All This, and Heaven Too
  B.   Jezebel
  C.   Dark Victory
  D.   The Letter

7. Bette Davis partnered with Cary Grant, Jack Warner and Jule Styne and opened a serviceman's club during World War II. What was the name of this Hollywood club?
  A.   Hollywood Bunk
  B.   Hollywood Camp
  C.   Hollywood Canteen
  D.   Hollywood March

8. In her later years, Bette Davis cited her performance in a certain film as her personal favorite. Which movie was it?
  A.   The Nanny
  B.   Of Human Bondage
  C.   Jezebel
  D.   Dark Victory

9. Why did Bette Davis turn down an offer to star as Rose Sayer in "The African Queen" (1951)?
  A.   she was ill
  B.   she didn't get along with Humphrey Bogart
  C.   she didn't like the script, calling it "elementary"
  D.   she did not want to go to Africa

10. In 1950, Bette married Gary Merrill and they adopted a baby girl. Afterward, the family travelled to England where the couple starred in what 1951 movie?
  A.   Phone Call from a Stranger
  B.   Another Man's Poison
  C.   All About Eve
  D.   Payment on Demand®   

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