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Trivia Quiz - Cars of the 1960s: Part II

More questions about the American cars that cruised our highways and streets during the 1960s. We've got 1960s car trivia and facts!

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Date Submitted: December 23, 2008
Quiz Categories: American Culture, Automotive Industry
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
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Cars of the 1960s Part II
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1. What was the only car built by by Chrysler Corporation to win Motor Trend's "Car of the Year" award in the 1960s?
  A.   Plymouth Barracuda
  B.   Dodge Charger
  C.   Plymouth Road Runner
  D.   Dodge Dart

2. What company produced the Wagonaire, a station wagon with a sliding steel roof, in 1963?
  A.   Ford
  B.   Studebaker
  C.   Chevrolet
  D.   American Motors

3. In what model two model years during the 1960s did the Chevrolet Corvette receive a major restyling?
  A.   1961 and 1966
  B.   1962 and 1968
  C.   1963 and 1968
  D.   1960 and 1965

4. What car built in the 60s was the last to ditch the tailfins that were popular in the 1950s?
  A.   Cadillac DeVille
  B.   Ford Fairlane
  C.   Ford Galaxie
  D.   Rambler Classic

5. What car company built the only four door convertible during the 60s?
  A.   Cadillac
  B.   Imperial
  C.   Lincoln
  D.   Buick

6. What company built a luxury sedan called the Executive during the 1960s?
  A.   Cadillac
  B.   Pontiac
  C.   Mercury
  D.   Lincoln

7. What was first car of the 60s to offer a vinyl roof as an option?
  A.   Lincoln Continental
  B.   Cadillac El Dorado
  C.   Ford Thunderbird
  D.   AMC Ambassador

8. What car company produced the Vista Cruiser station wagon?
  A.   Oldsmobile
  B.   Buick
  C.   Pontiac
  D.   Chevrolet

9. What car, from 1961 through 1963, featured "rope drive"?
  A.   Buick LeSabre
  B.   Chevrolet Corvair
  C.   Pontiac Tempest
  D.   Oldsmobile F85.

10. What automaker suffered a significant loss in sales after radically reducing the size of most of it's 1962 models?
  A.   General Motors
  B.   Chrysler
  C.   American Motors
  D.   Ford®   

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