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Trivia Quiz - Denim Jean Slogans

Can you match the denim jean company with their blue jean advertising slogan?

Quiz Number: 3573
Date Submitted: November 19, 2010
Quiz Categories: American Culture
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
Average Score: 44.8 percent
Times Taken: 354 times
Taken by Registered Users: 6

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Denim Jean Slogans
(Image Source: Skinny Jeans)

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1. "Quality never goes out of style".
  A.   Riders Jeans
  B.   Lee Jeans
  C.   Levi's Jeans
  D.   Big Yank Jeans

2. "The official uniform of New York".
  A.   Mavi Jeans
  B.   DKNY Jeans
  C.   Citizens of Humanity Jeans
  D.   Hudson Jeans

3. "Nothing comes between me and my ________".
  A.   Levi's (Levi Strauss & Co)
  B.   Lee's (Lee Jeans Co.)
  C.   Calvin's (Calvin Klein Jeans)
  D.   Superfines (Superfine Jeans)

4. "______. Better when it's on you".
  A.   Genetic (Genetic Jeans)
  B.   Mudd (Mudd jeans)
  C.   Lucky ( Lucky Jeans)
  D.   Gas (Gas Jeans)

5. "The Luxury of Dirt".
  A.   Mudd Jeans
  B.   Diesel Jeans
  C.   True Religion Jeans
  D.   Seven For All Mankind Jeans

6. "There's a bit of the West in all of us".
  A.   Wrangler Jeans
  B.   William Rast Jeans
  C.   Joe's Jeans
  D.   Chip N Pepper Jeans

7. "My bottoms are tops".
  A.   Apple Bottom Jeans
  B.   Dylan George Jeans
  C.   Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans
  D.   Tommy Hilfiger Jeans

8. "It's hard to be nice if you don't feel comfortable".
  A.   Current Elliot Jeans
  B.   Docker's Jeans
  C.   Rustler Jeans
  D.   Paris Blues Jeans

9. "True Style never dies".
  A.   Rockstar Jeans
  B.   Mustang Jeans
  C.   Meltin' Pot Jeans
  D.   HA-67 Jeans

10. "_____. Leaves everyone speechless".
  A.   Lawman Jeans
  B.   Red Engine Jeans
  C.   L.E.I. Jeans
  D.   Polo Jeans®   

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