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Trivia Quiz - American Flag Facts & History

American flag facts - its history, design, colors and more. This is the best American flag trivia!

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Date Submitted: June 28, 2007
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Author: tazzytina
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American Flag Facts  History
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1. Flag Day is celebrated when?
  A.   May 28
  B.   September 4
  C.   June 14
  D.   July 4

2. What is the American Flag's nickname?
  A.   "Old Faithful"
  B.   "Old Reliable"
  C.   "Old Glory"
  D.   "Waves of Glory"

3. In what instance is it acceptable to burn the flag?
  A.   when someone dies
  B.   when it is worn beyond repair
  C.   when you disagree with the president
  D.   It is always ok to burn the flag

4. If a flag is displayed at night, what is the correct way to do it?
  A.   only in the summer when it stays lighter longer
  B.   it should always be taken down after sunset
  C.   when it can be illuminated
  D.   only in times of a national crisis

5. On what holiday should the flag be displayed at half staff until noon and then at full staff from noon to sunset?
  A.   Memorial Day
  B.   Flag Day
  C.   Presidents Day
  D.   Independence Day

6. What well known song was written by Francis Scott Key about the flag?
  A.   America The Beautiful
  B.   Amazing Grace
  C.   The Star Spangled Banner
  D.   God Bless America

7. The flag that Francis Scott Key wrote about is still in existence, where is it housed?
  A.   Franklin Institute
  B.   National Archives
  C.   Smithsonian Institute
  D.   National History Museum

8. Where is the furthest place the flag has gone?
  A.   Vietnam
  B.   China
  C.   North Pole
  D.   the moon

9. How many stripes are on the current American Flag?
  A.   50
  B.   48
  C.   13
  D.   10

10. What words were added to the Pledge of Allegiance in 1954?
  A.   The United States of America
  B.   "under God"
  C.   my flag
  D.   one nation®   

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