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Trivia Quiz - Harley Davidson: American Iron Horse

Ten questions about America's best loved brand of motorcycle. Great Harley Davidson history here!

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Date Submitted: April 14, 2008
Quiz Categories: American Culture, Automotive Industry
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
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Harley Davidson American Iron Horse
(Image Source: Davies General Store)

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1. In what year was the Harley-Davidson Motor Company established?
  A.   1898
  B.   1900
  C.   1903
  D.   1912

2. What Harley-Davidson model has been in continuous production the longest?
  A.   Sportster
  B.   Electra Glide
  C.   Dyna Glide
  D.   V-Rod

3. According to urban legend, how did the Harley-Davidson "Fat Boy" get its name?
  A.   Because of the size of the tank and front wheel
  B.   It was the nickname of company founder William S. Harley's grandson
  C.   Because only big men could keep it on two wheels
  D.   The bike had a massive appearance and looked wide when viewed head on

4. In 1969, what company bought Harley Davidson?
  A.   American Machine & Foundry
  B.   Ford Motor Company
  C.   Sears Roebuck
  D.   Mirgon Machine Tools Corporation

5. To what South Dakota city do Harley Davidson enthusiasts flock every August?
  A.   Rapid City
  B.   Sturgis
  C.   Pierre
  D.   Aberdeen

6. What feature did Harley-Davidson make standard equipment on all of its motorcycles beginning with the 2007 models?
  A.   Helmets
  B.   Padded handlebars
  C.   Antilock brakes
  D.   Fuel injection

7. The Revolution engine, used in the Harley-Davidson V-Rod series, was jointly developed by Harley-Davidson and what automaker?
  A.   Ford
  B.   Chevrolet
  C.   BMW
  D.   Porsche

8. In 1983, the U.S. government enacted a trade tariff of how much on Japanese motorcycles to protect the market for Harley-Davidson?
  A.   60%
  B.   45%
  C.   50%
  D.   20%

9. By what animal nickname are Harley-Davidson motorcycles known?
  A.   Buffalos
  B.   Rhinos
  C.   Hogs
  D.   Beavers

10. Which of the following is not an actual Harley-Davidson model?
  A.   Street Bob
  B.   Fat Bob
  C.   Road Glide
  D.   Fat Glide®   

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