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Trivia Quiz - Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream: Celebrity-Inspired Flavors

Try my trivia quiz about the celebrities that inspired Ben & Jerry to dedicate ice cream flavors in their honor.

Quiz Number: 3542
Date Submitted: November 12, 2010
Quiz Categories: Business, American Culture, Food & Drink
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
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Ben  Jerrys Ice Cream Celebrity Inspired Flavors
(Image Source: Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream)

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1. Which flavor was inspired by Grateful Dead co-founder and guitarist, Jerry Garcia?
  A.   Tasted Wasted
  B.   Cherry Garcia
  C.   Grateful Red Velvet Cake
  D.   Half Baked

2. Which flavor was inspired by the Vermont-based progressive rock band, Phish?
  A.   Phish Food
  B.   Something Phishy
  C.   Phish Eggs
  D.   Phish and Chips

3. Which flavor was inspired by peace activist and former Beatle, John Lennon?
  A.   Peace of Chocolate Marble
  B.   Instant Caramel
  C.   Ballad of Vanilla and Choco
  D.   Imagine Whirled Peace

4. Which flavor was inspired by singer, songwriter, pianist and composer, Sir Elton John?
  A.   Sir Meltin' Bon Bon
  B.   Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road
  C.   Chunky cat
  D.   Crocodile Rock Candy

5. Which flavor was inspired by a hippie activist and official clown of the Grateful Dead? hint: he also who served as an MC at Woodstock?
  A.   Wavy Gravy
  B.   Tye Dye Dulce
  C.   Woodchunk Mudslide
  D.   Fudge Clownie

6. Which flavor was inspired by country music superstar, Willie Nelson?
  A.   Crazy Coffee Crunch
  B.   On The Rocky Road Again
  C.   Whiskey River Raspberry
  D.   Country Peach Cobbler

7. Which flavor was inspired by political satirist and talk show host, Stephen Colbert?
  A.   Coldberry Crunch
  B.   Democrunch and Rebubblegum
  C.   Americone Dream
  D.   Citizen Candy Cane

8. Which flavor, whose proceeds helped "lick global warming", was inspired by musician, Dave Mathews?
  A.   Global Marmalade
  B.   Mathews Heath Bar Crunch
  C.   Magic Brownies
  D.   Mathewsmallow Fudge Chunk

9. Which flavor was inspired by the British rock band, Queen?
  A.   Bohemian Rasberry
  B.   We Will Rocky Road You
  C.   Chiller Queen
  D.   Another One Pies The Crust

10. Which flavor was created as a tongue-in-cheek reference to the film, "Monty Python and The Holy Grail"?
  A.   King Arthur's Kokonut Krunch
  B.   Vermonty Python
  C.   Frying Circus Cream
  D.   Sir Lickalot®   

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