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Trivia Quiz - Fords of the 1950s

How much do you know about 1950s Ford cars' facts and trivia?

Quiz Number: 2971
Date Submitted: December 21, 2008
Quiz Categories: American Culture, Automotive Industry
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
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Fords of the 1950s
(Image Source: 1955 Ford F-100)

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1. In what model year did Ford introduce the Country Squire station wagon?
  A.   1950
  B.   1955
  C.   1957
  D.   1959

2. What feature set the 1955-56 Ford Crown Victoria apart from the Fairlane Victoria?
  A.   Two tone paint
  B.   Stainless steel band over the roof
  C.   Quad headlights
  D.   Leather seats

3. For the 1957 model year, Ford introduced what half-pickup/half-car vehicle to the market?
  A.   Interceptor
  B.   Galaxie
  C.   Ranchero
  D.   Torino

4. The 1955-57 Ford Thunderbird coupes were noted for what distinctive styling feature?
  A.   Side exhausts
  B.   Quad headlights
  C.   Round "opera windows"
  D.   Padded leather roofs

5. For what model year did Ford introduce the Galaxie 500?
  A.   1956
  B.   1957
  C.   1958
  D.   1959

6. What Ford model, introduced in 1950, featured a distinct two tone paint scheme?
  A.   Sunlliner
  B.   Crestliner
  C.   Mainline
  D.   Customline

7. In what model year did Ford first offer an automatic transmission in its cars?
  A.   1950
  B.   1951
  C.   1954
  D.   1955

8. Which of the following was NOT one of the names Ford used to designate a series of the 1958 Edsel?
  A.   Citation
  B.   Pacer
  C.   Corsair
  D.   Fairlane

9. This luxury car, produced by Ford for the 1956 and 57 model years, was painstakingly hand built and carried a list price of $10,000. What was this car?
  A.   Continental Mark III
  B.   Continental Mark II
  C.   Continental Mark I
  D.   Continental

10. Ford was the second manufacturer to offer what safety feature in its cars, starting with the 1955 models? hint: Nash was the first (1949)
  A.   Air bags
  B.   Seat belts
  C.   Turn signals
  D.   Shatterproof glass®   

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