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Trivia Quiz - Famous People from Ann Arbor, Michigan

What do you know about the people of Ann Arbor, Michigan? Find out by taking this trivia quiz about "Tree Town"!

Quiz Number: 3194
Date Submitted: September 12, 2009
Quiz Categories: American Culture
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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Famous People from Ann Arbor Michigan
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1. John Allen and Elisha Rumsey founded Ann Arbor in 1824. What was their occupation?
  A.   land speculators
  B.   traitors
  C.   masons
  D.   blacksmiths

2. What company did Tom Monaghan found in 1960?
  A.   Little Caesars Pizza
  B.   Zingerman's
  C.   Domino's Pizza
  D.   Jimmy Johns

3. What U.S. President graduated from the University of Michigan?
  A.   Benjamin Harrison
  B.   Gerald R. Ford
  C.   Ronald Reagan
  D.   Warren G. Harding

4. What 70's rock band was formed in Ann Arbor?
  A.   Bachman Turner Overdrive
  B.   Brownsville Station
  C.   The Guess Who
  D.   Grand Funk Railroad

5. What was the name of Ann Arbor rocker Bob Seger's first album? hint: He recorded it with The Bob Seger System.
  A.   Mongrel
  B.   Noah
  C.   Ramblin' Gamblin' Man
  D.   Smokin' O.P.'s

6. Who was the director of the Michigan Marching Band from 1935 to 1971?
  A.   William Revelli
  B.   Nicholas Falcone
  C.   George Cavender
  D.   Eric Becher

7. Ann Arbor native Davy Rothbart founded what magazine in 2001?
  A.   PEN America
  B.   Found Magazine
  C.   Guernica Magazine
  D.   Redtape Magazine

8. What professional boxer is from Ann Arbor, Michigan?
  A.   Roy Jones, Jr.
  B.   Riddick Bowe
  C.   James Toney
  D.   Michael Nunn

9. Who coached the University of Michigan football team from 1969 to 1989?
  A.   Lloyd Carr
  B.   Bump Elliott
  C.   Gary Moeller
  D.   Bo Schembechler

10. TOUGH QUESTION! Who was the first mayor of Ann Arbor serving from 1851-1855?
  A.   George Sedgwick
  B.   James Kingsley
  C.   William S. Maynard
  D.   Philip Bach®   

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