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Trivia Quiz - Celebrity Trivia #2

We've got great celebrity trivia!

Quiz Number: 4376
Date Submitted: March 24, 2012
Quiz Categories: American Culture
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: patrickryan
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Celebrity Trivia 2
(Image Source: Celebrity Trivia @ IMDB)

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1. What was James Cameron's career prior to "Titanic" and "Avatar"?
  A.   Electrician
  B.   School Bus Driver
  C.   Deep Sea Diver
  D.   Food Vendor at Yankee Stadium

2. For the movie "Fight Club", Brad Pitt underwent some negative cosmetic surgery to look more rough. What did he have done?
  A.   He had his nose broken.
  B.   He had a 'droop' inserted in one eye.
  C.   He had his teeth chipped.
  D.   He had his lower lip puffed up.

3. Ken Jeong, the hilarious star of "The Hangover" and the doctor in 2007's "Knocked Up" is also an accomplished student. What did he study in college?
  A.   Anthropology - Harvard Ph. D
  B.   Medicine - he is a medical doctor.
  C.   Lawyer - Syracuse University
  D.   Political Science - he roomed with Jon Stewart in Plattsburg.

4. Which singer was a backup singer for Michael Jackson during the 1988 Bad Tour. She even did a duet with him. Who is she?
  A.   Britney Speers
  B.   Janet Jackson
  C.   Sheryl Crow
  D.   Christina Aguilera

5. As a three-year old, which now-famous actor was fired from "Romper Room" for being disruptive?
  A.   Sean Penn
  B.   Leonardo Di Caprio
  C.   Tom Cruise
  D.   Steven Seagal

6. Who was the youngest host of Saturday Night Live?
  A.   Macaulay Culkin
  B.   Dakota Fanning
  C.   Leonardo Di Caprio
  D.   Drew Barrymore

7. Prior to starring in "Prison Break", which actor was a globe-trotting a capella singer for the The Princeton Tigertones?
  A.   Dominic Purcell
  B.   Paul Adelstein
  C.   Wentworth Miller
  D.   Robert Knepper

8. Which tough guy actor was Al Gore's roommate at Harvard?
  A.   Tommy Lee Jones
  B.   Alan Rickman
  C.   Sylvester Stallone
  D.   Tim Curry

9. Which funny guy celebrity played the voice of a cartoon donkey in a wildly popular animated movie?
  A.   Wesley Snipes
  B.   Chris Rock
  C.   Kid Rock
  D.   Eddie Murphy

10. Which celebrity and muscle-builder went AWOL from the Army to compete in body building competitions?
  A.   Sylvester Stallone
  B.   Arnold Schwarzenegger
  C.   Lou Ferrigno
  D.   Charles Atlas®   

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