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Trivia Quiz - Athletes Behaving Badly

Wait, you're telling me that athletes have big egos and do terrible things to others?

Quiz Number: 4267
Date Submitted: January 16, 2012
Quiz Categories: Sports, American Culture
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: patrickryan
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Athletes Behaving Badly
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1. He assaulted Donald Brasheer and never played another minute in the NHL. It was the worst thing a hockey player could do to another; an unsuspecting cheap shot to the head.
  A.   Wayne Gretzky
  B.   Bob Probert
  C.   Mike Krushelnyski
  D.   Marty McSorley

2. This professional baseball player assaulted a sausage race participant with a bat, knocking it her to the ground:
  A.   Ben Sheets
  B.   Damian Miller
  C.   Randall Simon
  D.   Pete Rose

3. In 1995, Tie Domi sucker punched Ulf Sameulsson and knocked him out for calling him a dummy. What was Tie's punishment?
  A.   8 Week suspension.
  B.   18 week suspension.
  C.   8 month suspension.
  D.   18 month suspension.

4. Reggie Jackson was pulled for the field for loafing after a hit; he argued and insulted this famous manager until the manager went berserk in the dugout.
  A.   George Steinbenner
  B.   Yogi Berra
  C.   Billy Martin
  D.   Elston Howard

5. This confrontational basketball coach has thrown chairs, choked players, and grabbed students for not showing respect.
  A.   Mick Cronin
  B.   John Calipari
  C.   Jim Boeheim
  D.   Bobby Knight

6. This football player is acknowledge as one of the dirtiest: he has kicked people in the head, smashed the eyesocket of a teammate, and taken steriods like candy.
  A.   Jim Young
  B.   Bill Romanowski
  C.   Scott Laidlaw
  D.   Tony Mandarich

7. This home-run slugger spent years vehemently denying using steriods; now his name has an asterick next to it for his records, basically saying he lied.
  A.   Mark McGuire
  B.   Babe Ruth
  C.   Barry Bonds
  D.   Sammy Sousa

8. This boxer/promoter pled the fifth when asked about relations with organized crime. He is also famous for underpaying or NOT paying his clients.
  A.   George Foreman
  B.   Don King
  C.   Jesse Ventura
  D.   Mike Tyson

9. He most recently has been hauled to court, and accused of lying to a grand jury. Another baseball player popping steriods, or an honest man? Ho Ho
  A.   Barry Bonds
  B.   Mark McGuire
  C.   Roger Clemens
  D.   Pete Rose

10. This American football player complains about his salary (circa $100 million) and has stomped the head of another player - Andre Gurode - causing cuts requiring 30 stitches.
  A.   Julius Jones
  B.   Clayton Bank
  C.   Chad Speck
  D.   Albert Haynesworth®   

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