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Trivia Quiz - Happy Days - Seasons 1 & 2 - Part 2

More questions on the doings of Richie and the gang from the early days of this long-running show.

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Date Submitted: September 09, 2017
Quiz Categories: TV, Radio & Stage, American Culture, Happy Days
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Happy Days  Seasons 1  2  Part 2

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1. When Richie dated Mary Lou Milligan, a girl who was reputed to "go all the way", what game did they play?
  A.   checkers
  B.   monopoly
  C.   cards
  D.   chess

2. In the episode where Fonzie expresses his support for Dwight Eisenhower, who does he say also supports Mr Eisenhower?
  A.   his mother
  B.   his girlfriends
  C.   his bike
  D.   his leather jacket

3. When Richie takes a blind date to a masquerade party, who does she go as?
  A.   Statue of Liberty
  B.   Martha Washington
  C.   Eleanor Roosevelt
  D.   Betsy Ross

4. Richie's older brother, Chuck mysteriously disappeared and was never mentioned again. What sport was he passionate about?
  A.   baseball
  B.   basketball
  C.   football
  D.   hockey

5. To what Cunningham family celebration did Richie persuade Fonzie be part?
  A.   Easter
  B.   Thanksgiving
  C.   Christmas
  D.   Howard's 50th birthday

6. In Season 1 of Happy Days, what name did the boys' hang-out place have?
  A.   Arthur's
  B.   Al's
  C.   Albert's
  D.   Alfred's

7. When Richie buys his first car, how many guaranteed starts did the car's battery have?
  A.   5
  B.   19
  C.   38
  D.   66

8. Who was the movie star with whom Richie went on a date?
  A.   Cindy Shea
  B.   Debbie Dougherty
  C.   Suzie McManus
  D.   Bambi Field

9. When Richie catches the kissing disease while minding Fonzie's girlfriend, what happens to Richie?
  A.   he gets broken ribs
  B.   he leaves town
  C.   he gets a black eye
  D.   he gets a broken leg

10. What was the name of the stripper Richie and Potsie saw who "took it all off"?
  A.   Kitten Lovely
  B.   Candy Cotton
  C.   Misty Mine
  D.   Bubbles McCall®   

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