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Trivia Quiz - Ford Model T

This quiz is dedicated to my father, Bill Brauer Sr., who loved the Model T and was born during its heyday. Great Ford Model T trivia and facts!

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Date Submitted: October 29, 2011
Quiz Categories: American Culture, Automotive Industry
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Author: bill
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Ford Model T
(Image Source: Ford Model T)

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1. In what year did the first Model T roll off the assembly line?
  A.   1900
  B.   1908
  C.   1918
  D.   1923

2. The Model T was the first automobile mass produced on the assembly line using what?
  A.   interchangeable parts
  B.   parts manufactured on site
  C.   imported parts
  D.   all of the above

3. What was the original price tag of the Model T?
  A.   $260
  B.   $850
  C.   $1,500
  D.   $1,840

4. What descriptive name did Henry Ford call the Model T?
  A.   common man car
  B.   universal car
  C.   ordinary car
  D.   family car

5. The Model T had several different body styles, all fashioned on the same chassis. How many body styles did it have?
  A.   5
  B.   9
  C.   12
  D.   17

6. Ford also produced a truck based on the Ford Model T, but with a heavier frame and rear axle. What was it called?
  A.   Model TU
  B.   Model TK
  C.   Model TT
  D.   Model TR

7. In 1909, Henry Ford told his management team that in the future, "any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is what"?
  A.   green
  B.   red
  C.   black
  D.   grey

8. Who was the primary designer of the Ford Model T?
  A.   Henry Ford
  B.   Edsel Ford
  C.   Henry Ford II
  D.   William Clay Ford, Sr.

9. Henry Ford's initiated the mass production of vehicles on the moving assembly line and the Model T was one of the first cars to be built using this method. This led to lower car prices and the ability of Ford to pay his employees what salary?
  A.   $2 per day
  B.   $3 per day
  C.   $4 per day
  D.   $5 per day

10. Perhaps the most common nickname for the Model T was Tin Lizzie. What was meant by this?
  A.   in the early 1900s, Lizzie was a name commonly given to horses, thus the name Tin Lizzie.
  B.   in the early 1900s, Lizzie was a name commonly given to a horse carriage, thus the name Tin Lizzie
  C.   named after Lizzie Ford
  D.   all of the above®   

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