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Trivia Quiz - Dennis the Menace

What do you know about Dennis the Menace facts and trivia?

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Date Submitted: July 07, 2012
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Author: bill
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Dennis the Menace
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1. What child actor starred as Dennis in the TV sitcom "Dennis the Menace" (1959-63)?
  A.   Paul Peterson
  B.   Ron Howard
  C.   Jerry Mathers
  D.   Jay North

2. Dennis is basically a good well-intentioned boy who always tries to help people, but winds up making situations worse, often at the expense of a gruff neighbor. Who is the neighbor?
  A.   Mr. Walsh
  B.   Mr. Wainright
  C.   Mr. Wilson
  D.   Mr. Wanner

3. What is Mr. Wilson's wife's name?
  A.   Martha
  B.   Mary
  C.   Marcia
  D.   Melinda

4. Who created, wrote and illustrated the original Dennis the Menace comic strip that first appeared in newspapers in 1951?
  A.   Chic Young
  B.   Al Capp
  C.   Hank Ketchum
  D.   Charles Schultz

5. In the comic strip, Dennis had a dog but never had one in the TV series (1959-63). What is the dog's name in the comic strip?
  A.   Ralph
  B.   Spot
  C.   Ruff
  D.   Tiger

6. Who starred as Dennis in the 1993 movie, "Dennis the Menace"?
  A.   Macaulay Culkin
  B.   Mason Gamble
  C.   Sean Astin
  D.   Peter Billingsley

7. What does Dennis want to be when he grows up?
  A.   astronaut
  B.   cowboy
  C.   policeman
  D.   doctor

8. What is the Dennis' last name?
  A.   Mitchell
  B.   Harmon
  C.   Coolidge
  D.   Carter

9. What are Dennis' parents' names?
  A.   Abbey and Hal
  B.   Ann and Herman
  C.   Alice and Henry
  D.   Alexis and Harry

10. Joseph Kearns, who played the role of George Wilson in the original TV series, died of a cerebral hemorrhage just before the end of season 3. Who replaced him as the new Mr. Wilson?
  A.   Fred MacMurray‎
  B.   Eddie Albert
  C.   Jack Albertson
  D.   Gale Gordon®   

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