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Trivia Quiz - Fords of the 1970s

How much do you know about 1970s Ford cars' facts and trivia?

Quiz Number: 2973
Date Submitted: December 21, 2008
Quiz Categories: American Culture, Automotive Industry
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
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Fords of the 1970s
(Image Source: Jay Leno's Garage)

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1. This 1970 model was actually introduced in 1969 at a list price of $1,995 with the tagline "that's all, Volks!"
  A.   Pinto
  B.   Maverick
  C.   Probe
  D.   Bobcat

2. What model replaced the answer to Question 1 above for the 1978 model year?
  A.   Custom 500
  B.   Falcon II
  C.   Fairmont
  D.   Fairlane II

3. In what model year did Ford introduce the Mustang II?
  A.   1971
  B.   1972
  C.   1973
  D.   1974

4. What model created a major scandal for Ford when it intentionally decided not to include an $11 fuel tank shield that could have prevented thousands of collision deaths from fire?
  A.   Maverick
  B.   Pinto
  C.   Mustang II
  D.   Fairmont

5. What model year saw the end of the Ford Galaxie 500?
  A.   1971
  B.   1972
  C.   1973
  D.   1974

6. In what year did Ford sell a "Diamond Jubilee" edition of the Thunderbird to celebrate its 75th year in business?
  A.   1976
  B.   1977
  C.   1978
  D.   1979

7. In what model line did Ford stop building convertibles after 1972?
  A.   Mustang
  B.   LTD
  C.   Thunderbird
  D.   Torino

8. In which of the following color schemes could you NOT purchase a Mustang Cobra II?
  A.   White with red stripes
  B.   White with greeen stripes
  C.   Black with gold stripes
  D.   Orange with white stripes

9. To capitalize on the van craze of the 70s, Ford introduced a panel truck variant of the Pinto wagon with portholes in the sides for the 1977 model year called what?
  A.   The Pinto Vanwagon
  B.   The Pinto Cruising Wagon
  C.   The Pinto Runabout
  D.   The Pinto Panel

10. From 1974 through 1976 Ford produced a top of the line luxury model of the Torino called:
  A.   Elite
  B.   Luxus
  C.   Cortero
  D.   Lightning Bird®   

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