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Trivia Quiz - Power Generation

Test your knowledge of what kind of energy mix, and what countries are the leaders in power generation technology. Power generation facts!

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Date Submitted: December 03, 2011
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Author: patrickryan
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Power Generation
(Image Source: Windmills)

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1. Photovoltaic panels - solar-electric generating panels - are specifically excluded from Hazardous Substances in both Europe and California. Why is this necessary?
  A.   PV panels contain radioactive Xenon and Cesium.
  B.   These electronic panels contain lead, cadmium and cadium.
  C.   The PV are made in vats of acid, which is a dangerous pollutant.
  D.   Solar cells release radioactive gases when generating electricity.

2. The first off-shore wind project proposed in the USA is the Cape Wind project rated at 420 MW and sited 5 miles from the Kennedy Compound. What did clean energy champion Ted Kennedy think about it?
  A.   opposed the project on aesthetic grounds - it would be unattractive.
  B.   enthusiastically endorsed the project, and sought Federal funding.
  C.   received huge campaign donations but only provided luke-warm support.
  D.   was studying the project avidly for 10 years, but remained silent on his findings.

3. Tesla motors electric car - a sporty and innovative machine - gets the equivalent of _______ miles per gallon (mpg), when you take into account such expenses as a $12,000 battery pack expense every 70,000 miles, and the cost of battery charging.
  A.   21.5 mpg
  B.   43 mpg
  C.   86 mpg
  D.   120 mpg

4. Since the 7th century, wind power has been used for irrigation pumping and milling grain in all of the following countries except which of the following?
  A.   Afghanistan
  B.   India
  C.   Iran
  D.   Mexico

5. Which of the following inventors used wind power to provide electrical power to his laboratory and home in the late 1880s?
  A.   Thomas Edison
  B.   Charles Brush
  C.   George Westinghouse
  D.   David Farraday

6. How often do nuclear plants in the USA have to replace all the fuel in the plant (clue: 1/3 of the fuel is replaced each overhaul).
  A.   2 years
  B.   4 years
  C.   6 years
  D.   8 years

7. The world's first commercial tidal stream generator was installed in 2007 in the narrows of Strangford Lough situated in what country?
  A.   Ireland
  B.   Norway
  C.   USA (Maine)
  D.   Scotland

8. What was the first country to surpass 3,000 MW of geothermal electrical production in one year?
  A.   USA
  B.   Iceland
  C.   Philipines
  D.   Mexico

9. Comparing Europe to the USA, what is the percentage of Waste-to-Energy plants ratio?
  A.   Europe has 5 times the waste-to-energy plants compared to the USA.
  B.   Europe has 2 times the waste-to-energy plants compared to the USA.
  C.   The USA has 2 times the waste-to-energy plants compared to Europe.
  D.   The USA has 5 times the waste-to-energy plants compared to Europe.

10. Since the 1970s, ___________ has had an ethanol fuel program which has allowed the country to become the world's second largest producer of ethanol (after the United States) and the world's largest exporter.
  A.   Cuba
  B.   Brazil
  C.   Russia
  D.   Japan®   

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