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Trivia Quizzes - Boxing

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Num Title Category About Author Times Taken Average Score(%)
1 Best Boxer Nicknames! Part OneBoxing  bill19271.8
2 Hector Camacho: Boxing ChampionBoxingHector Camacho  dartjock1159.1
3 Iron Mike TysonBoxingMike Tyson  dartjock3971.8
4 Jack Dempsey- Boxing LegendBoxingJack Dempsey  dartjock1878.3
5 Jake LaMotta: The Raging BullDrama Movies, BoxingJake LaMotta  dartjock4551.3
6 Marvin Hagler- One Tough BoxerBoxingMarvin Hagler  dartjock2166.7
7 Muhammad Ali - Sporting LegendSports, American History, BoxingMuhammad Ali  grant22810562.3
8 Muhammad Ali: His OpponentsBoxingMuhammad Ali  catherine21263.2
9 Oscar De La Hoya- Golden GlovesBoxingOscar de la Hoya  dartjock1337.7
10 Rocky Marciano - Undefeated ChampionBoxingRocky Marciano  dartjock5561.3
11 Sugar Ray LeonardBoxingSugar Ray Leonard  dartjock4653.7

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