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Trivia Quiz - Joseph Banks - Renowned Botanist

Joseph Banks achieved fame following his journey around the world with James Cook aboard The Endeavour. He led a varied and interesting life before and after this trip so test your knowledge of him.

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Date Submitted: March 29, 2019
Quiz Categories: History, Australian History
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Author: grant228
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Joseph Banks  Renowned Botanist

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1. Born in England in 1743, which two public schools did Joseph Banks attend before studying at Oxford?
  A.   Rugby and Shrewsbury
  B.   Westminster and Winchester
  C.   Repton and Bedford
  D.   Harrow and Eton

2. In 1766 Banks sailed aboard the HMS Niger to what country?
  A.   The American colonies
  B.   Canada
  C.   Peru
  D.   India

3. Apart from botanical specimens, the collecting of what other interesting curio became a passion of Banks?
  A.   boar tusks
  B.   tribal masks
  C.   heads
  D.   prostitutes' handkerchiefs

4. Which of the following did Joseph Banks not take with him on Cook's discovery of the east coast of Australia?
  A.   a piano
  B.   four servants
  C.   two greyhounds
  D.   two Scottish artists

5. The Endeavour stayed three months in Tahiti where Banks, in his journal, described what activity?
  A.   the polygamous nature of Tahitian relationships
  B.   the masturbatory welcome provided by the natives
  C.   his lovemaking with several Tahitian maidens
  D.   cliff divers

6. What Tahitian word did Joseph Banks introduce into the English language following his time in Tahiti?
  A.   tattoo
  B.   taboo
  C.   hangi
  D.   tiki

7. Jospeh Banks' account of New South Wales persuaded British authorities to send the First Fleet to Botany Bay in 1787? What was Banks' preferred name for Australia?
  A.   New Britain
  B.   Banksia
  C.   Terra Australis
  D.   Botanical

8. Which controversial early Australian figure was Joseph Banks an enthusiastic supporter?
  A.   John Macarthur
  B.   Samuel Marsden
  C.   Lachlan Macquarie
  D.   William Bligh

9. For what Australian industry was Joseph Banks responsible?
  A.   wheat
  B.   merino sheep
  C.   gold mining
  D.   macadamia nuts

10. Which of the following is not one of the ways Joseph Banks has been commemorated by a grateful Australia?
  A.   a plant named after him
  B.   a town named after him
  C.   his image on a banknote
  D.   a naval ship named after him®   

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