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Trivia Quiz - David Livingstone - Explorer and Missionary

His name has become legend with the phrase "Dr Livingstone, I presume?" Test your knowledge of this famous explorer and missionary whose example of duty and compassion ranks him as one of the greats of the 19th century.

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Date Submitted: January 06, 2015
Quiz Categories: History, British History
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Author: grant228
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David Livingstone  Explorer and Missionary

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1. David Livingstone was born in 1813 in what country?
  A.   England
  B.   Ireland
  C.   Wales
  D.   Scotland

2. From the age of 10, David Livingstone worked for 14 years as what?
  A.   coal miner
  B.   cotton miller
  C.   farmer
  D.   leather worker

3. How did David Livingstone first become aware of the work of missionaries?
  A.   His devout father received missionary journals which David read.
  B.   He heard an orator in a park relating his experiences abroad.
  C.   He claimed to have received a visit from an angel in his dreams telling him to go to Africa.
  D.   His employer made it mandatory for all employees to have gospel readings as a condition of employment.

4. As an explorer and missionary in Africa, David Livingstone became the first white man to see what?
  A.   The source of the Nile
  B.   Lake Tanganyika
  C.   Victoria Falls
  D.   The Pyramid of Cheops

5. How were David Livingstone's published accounts of discoveries used by others, much to Livingstone's horror?
  A.   His discoveries prompted a land-grab by many imperialistic European nations.
  B.   Racists used his works as proof of the inferiority of the black races.
  C.   His works were used to denigrate the attempts by all missionaries to convert Africans.
  D.   Slave traders used the information to extend their activities

6. Which family member died as a result of trekking with Livingstone through Africa?
  A.   His father
  B.   His wife
  C.   A son
  D.   A daughter

7. David Livingstone and his wife Mary had six children. How many were born in Africa?
  A.   0
  B.   3
  C.   4
  D.   6

8. Who was the journalist and explorer who set out to find David Livingstone when nothing had been heard of him for many years?
  A.   Mark Twain
  B.   John L O'Sullivan
  C.   Samuel Upham
  D.   Henry Stanley

9. How many years did David Livingstone spend in Africa exploring and executing his missionary work?
  A.   25
  B.   32
  C.   42
  D.   48

10. Dying from malaria and dysentery in 1873, where was David Livingstone buried?
  A.   Westminster Abbey
  B.   St Paul's Cathedral
  C.   Near the Zambezi River
  D.   On the shores of Lake Tanganyika®   

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