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Trivia Quiz - Famous Dogs in History

Some of the well-known canines from recent and not-too-recent history. We've got trivia about some famous dogs in history, both fictional and real!

Quiz Number: 3379
Date Submitted: April 30, 2010
Quiz Categories: History, Culture
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Famous Dogs in History
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1. What was the name of the Scottish Terrier of Franklin Roosevelt that was buried in his master's grave?
  A.   Fido
  B.   Fala
  C.   Fritz
  D.   Fang

2. Which dog was the first in space?
  A.   Lady
  B.   Lana
  C.   Laika
  D.   Leda

3. Which dog of Byron caused him to write: "Near this spot are deposited the remains of one who possessed beauty without vanity, strength without insolence, courage without ferocity, and all the virtues of Man without his vices.
  A.   Skipper
  B.   Chief
  C.   Commander
  D.   Boatswain

4. What was the name of Richard Nixon's dog that he said he would never give back?
  A.   Chess
  B.   Ludo
  C.   Poker
  D.   Checkers

5. What was the name of Winston Churchill's poodle?
  A.   Rufus
  B.   Rollo
  C.   Rusty
  D.   Ripper

6. The dog of Ulysses was called?
  A.   Argos
  B.   Argus
  C.   Argo
  D.   Argyle

7. Which dog watched over his master's grave for 14 years?
  A.   Greyfriars Barney
  B.   Greyfriars Bobby
  C.   Greyfriars Billy
  D.   Greyfriars Benny

8. What was the famous dog of "The Brady Bunch"?
  A.   Panther
  B.   Puma
  C.   Cougar
  D.   Tiger

9. What was the name of the dog from the Darling family in "Peter Pan"?
  A.   Nana
  B.   Auntie
  C.   Mumsie
  D.   Sissy

10. What was Bill Clinton's labrador called?
  A.   Benny
  B.   Billy
  C.   Bobby
  D.   Buddy®   

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