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Trivia Quiz - January 9th Birthdates

So many talented people have been born on January 9. Can you figure this out?

Quiz Number: 1967
Date Submitted: January 02, 2008
Quiz Categories: History
Quiz Type: Birthdate Quiz
Author: lmcubs
Average Score: 62.1 percent
Times Taken: 38 times
Taken by Registered Users: 14

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January 9th Birthdates
(Image Source: Happy Birthday)

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1. 37th U.S. President. Born: January 9, 1913
  A.   Spiro Agnew
  B.   Gerald Ford
  C.   Richard Nixon
  D.   Lyndon Johnson

2. "You look marvelous" actor. Born: January 9, 1915
  A.   Fernando Lamas
  B.   Mauricio Inglacious
  C.   Antonio Banderas
  D.   Ricardo Montalban

3. All-star Packer quarterback. Born: January 9, 1934
  A.   John Brody
  B.   Bart Starr
  C.   Joe Namath
  D.   Joe Montana

4. The Skipper's "Little Buddy". Born: January 9, 1935
  A.   Jacques Cousteau
  B.   Alan Hale
  C.   Jon Provost
  D.   Bob Denver

5. Folksinger and anti-war activist. Born: January 9, 1941
  A.   Joan Baez
  B.   Bob Dylan
  C.   Joanie Mitchell
  D.   Peter Yarrow

6. "Stairway to Heaven" guitarist. Born: January 9, 1944
  A.   Eric Clapton
  B.   Ron Woods
  C.   Jimmy Page
  D.   Dave Clark

7. Long-haired country singer. Born: January 9, 1951 hint: has a famous sibling
  A.   Crystal Gayle
  B.   Taylor Swift
  C.   Tammy Wynette
  D.   Shania Twain

8. Singer, songwriter, guitarist who fronts his own band. Born: January 9, 1967
  A.   Phil Collins
  B.   Nick Lachey
  C.   Julian Lennon
  D.   Dave Matthews

9. Former member of The Backstreet Boys. Born: January 9, 1978
  A.   A J McLean
  B.   Brian Littrell
  C.   Nick Carter
  D.   Nick Lachey

10. American Sportscaster. Born: January 9, 1935
  A.   Marv Albert
  B.   Mike Adamle
  C.   Dick Enberg
  D.   Vern Lundquist®   

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