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Trivia Quiz - ANZACS at Gallipoli - Part II

More questions on the World War I campaign that began April 25, 1915 and which still resonates in many nations.

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Date Submitted: April 04, 2015
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ANZACS at Gallipoli  Part II

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1. Who was the inspirational leader of the forces defending the Gallipoli Peninsula?
  A.   Mehmet Bulkat
  B.   Cevat Cobanli
  C.   Mustafa Kemal
  D.   Mehmet Kaci

2. Complete the famous statement made by the commander of the force defending Gallipoli - "I do not order you to fight. I order you to ...."
  A.   win
  B.   prevail
  C.   succeed
  D.   die

3. At the Gallipoli Campaign, who was the first Australian recipient of a Victorian Cross?
  A.   Alexander Burton
  B.   Alfred Shout
  C.   Albert Jacka
  D.   William Dunston

4. Which of the following geographic names was not part of the fight for Gallipoli?
  A.   Hill 59
  B.   The Sphinx
  C.   The Nek
  D.   Gaba Tepe

5. Where had the Australian forces been stationed before the Gallipoli Campaign?
  A.   Italy
  B.   Greece
  C.   Palestine
  D.   Egypt

6. Which area of the Gallipoli Campaign has special significance for New Zealand?
  A.   Baby 700
  B.   Chunuk Bair
  C.   Shell Green
  D.   Ari Burnu

7. Who was the commander of all Allied land forces during the Gallipoli Campaign?
  A.   General John Monash
  B.   General William Birdwood
  C.   General Herbert Kitchener
  D.   General Ian Hamilton

8. Which of the following is not true of the Gallipoli Campaign?
  A.   Disease killed more men than combat.
  B.   Foodstuffs were sometimes thrown between enemy trenches.
  C.   The Allied commanders underestimated the ability of the enemy.
  D.   Many of the landing contingents were set ashore in the wrong place.

9. Approximately how many were killed, not including illness, during the Gallipoli Campaign?
  A.   110,000
  B.   150,000
  C.   200,000
  D.   220,000

10. Which of the following is not true of the Gallipoli Campaign?
  A.   All ANZACS were volunteers.
  B.   Russia was isolated from its allies.
  C.   Piles of enemy clothes were found around the battlefields.
  D.   The Allied forces were pushed back into the sea.®   

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