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Trivia Quiz - Gregor Mendel: Genius Geneticist!

Remember this guy from your 8th grade Science class? Great questions about the life, career and family of Gregor Mendel!

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Date Submitted: May 20, 2009
Quiz Categories: History, Science & Nature
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Gregor Mendel

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Gregor Mendel Genius Geneticist
(Image Source: Wikimedia Commons: Gregor Mendel)

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1. Gregor Mendel was a scientist but also had another job. What was it?
  A.   Catholic priest
  B.   Jewish rabbi
  C.   Anglican priest
  D.   Protestant minister

2. Of what nationality was Gregor Mendel?
  A.   Polish
  B.   Czechleslovokian
  C.   Austrian
  D.   German

3. From what university did Mendel graduate?
  A.   University of Pisa
  B.   University of Heidelberg
  C.   Charles University in Prague
  D.   University of Vienna

4. Mendel is known by what moniker?
  A.   genetic genius
  B.   father of modern genetics
  C.   father of genetic inheritance
  D.   pea plant planter

5. Mendel's studies show that two in four pea plants were:
  A.   purebred dominant
  B.   purebred recessive alleles
  C.   hybrid
  D.   none of the above

6. One of the generalizations brought forth by Mendel's experiments was the Law of Independent Assortment. By what name is this law currently known?
  A.   Mendelian Inheritance Property
  B.   Gregorian Inheritance Property
  C.   Mendelian Inheritance Rule
  D.   Mendel's Law of Inheritance

7. After Mendel completed his work with peas, he set out to extend his work to animals. On what animal did he conduct his experiments?
  A.   gerbils
  B.   white rats
  C.   honeybees
  D.   frogs

8. At first, Mendel's work was rejected because the common belief about inheritance at the time was in the theory of pangenesis. Who developed the theory of pangenesis?
  A.   Charles Darwin
  B.   Henry Doubleday
  C.   William Darwin Fox
  D.   Anna Blackburne

9. During the early 20th century, the biometricians and the Mendelians debated as to the validity of each approach to genetic inheritance. On what did the biometricians base their properties?
  A.   statistical and mathematical rigor
  B.   an understanding of biology
  C.   an understanding of chemistry
  D.   both a and b

10. Where is the Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry, named after Gregor Mendel?
  A.   Budapest, Hungary
  B.   Brno, Czech Republic
  C.   Vienna, Austria
  D.   Bremen, Germany®   

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