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Trivia Quiz - All About Hangings

Of all forms of capital punishment, death by hanging has been used for thousands of years. Test your knowledge of this gruesome topic!

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Date Submitted: March 24, 2017
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Author: grant228
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All About Hangings

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1. Who was the hangman who officiated at the majority of hangings at the notorious Tyburn in England in the 17th century?
  A.   Jack Ketch
  B.   Derrick Dewberry
  C.   Thomas French
  D.   John Dewar

2. A type of hanging introduced to America in 1831 that thrust the condemned upward with a series of pulleys had what name?
  A.   Sent to Heaven
  B.   Upright Jerker
  C.   Neck Stretcher
  D.   Going to God

3. How was a person hanged if they were "to die like a dog"?
  A.   Their shoulder blades were first dislocated.
  B.   Ropes were placed around all limbs and head and tied to teams of horses.
  C.   They were hanged upside down.
  D.   Their arms and legs were severed before hanging.

4. What was the form of hanging where the victim was lifted into the air by their arms which were bound by the wrist behind their backs?
  A.   le formir
  B.   the inquisitor
  C.   the dislocator
  D.   strappado

5. A notorious and early form of hanging was crucifixion which usually resulted in death from what cause?
  A.   dehydration
  B.   asphyxia
  C.   blood loss
  D.   lead poisoning

6. What was the name of the family that provided three hangmen to the British judicial system in the 20th century?
  A.   Marwood
  B.   Cockburn
  C.   Pierrepoint
  D.   Calcraft

7. What particularly gruesome form of hanging involved the victim being dropped repeatedly onto a spike?
  A.   Judas Cradle
  B.   strappado
  C.   the Devil's Dance
  D.   God's Revenge

8. How many Nazis were hanged at Nuremberg Prison on October 16, 1946?
  A.   5
  B.   10
  C.   27
  D.   52

9. In what year was the last public execution in England?
  A.   1703
  B.   1827
  C.   1868
  D.   1903

10. What does the "hanged man" tarot card signify?
  A.   an impending death
  B.   uncertainty
  C.   a suspension of the norm
  D.   a crossroads in life®   

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