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Trivia Quiz - Indira Gandhi - First Female Prime Minister of India

Indira Gandhi assumed the leadership of the second most populous nation in the world. As the four-time leader of so many people, her path was never easy but she never shirked her role. Take ten questions on this Indian icon.

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Date Submitted: September 21, 2015
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Quiz is about: Indira Gandhi

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Indira Gandhi  First Female Prime Minister of India
(Image Source: public domain photo of Indira Gandhi)

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1. Indira Gandhi was born in India in November, 1917 and was the daughter of which notable figure?
  A.   Muhammad Jinnah
  B.   Mohandas Gandhi
  C.   Jarwaharlal Nehru
  D.   Gopal Gokhale

2. Indira Gandhi's relationship with her father can best be described as?
  A.   distant
  B.   warm and loving
  C.   competitive
  D.   one where he groomed her to be his successor

3. In the 1960s Indira Gandhi became president of what Indian political party?
  A.   BJP
  B.   Nationalist Congress Party
  C.   BSP
  D.   Indian National Congress

4. Indira Gandhi became Prime Minister of India following the death of which Indian Prime Minister?
  A.   Ram Manohar
  B.   Kumaraswami Kamaraj
  C.   Lal Bahadur Shastri
  D.   P N Haksar

5. One of Indira Gandhi's significant achievements had what name?
  A.   Industrialise India
  B.   Green Revolution
  C.   Females First
  D.   Two is Enough

6. How many times was Indira Gandhi jailed?
  A.   once
  B.   twice
  C.   trice
  D.   four times

7. Convicted of electoral corruption in 1975, what was Indira Gandhi's response?
  A.   She declared a state of emergency.
  B.   She fled to Egypt.
  C.   She engaged in a fast until the charges were dropped.
  D.   She ruled the court was ineligible to decide her case.

8. In 1978 Indira Gandhi split from her party to form what new political group?
  A.   Janata
  B.   BSP
  C.   India for Indira
  D.   Congress I

9. What government measure was strongly favoured by Indira Gandhi but received unfavourably by many?
  A.   India's quest to build nuclear weapons
  B.   enforced sterilisation
  C.   India's war with Pakistan
  D.   Inida's membership of the non-aligned nations

10. Indira Gandhi was assassinated in October, 1984 by two bodyguards of what religion?
  A.   Muslim
  B.   Hindu
  C.   Sikh
  D.   Jain®   

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