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Trivia Quiz - Battle of Bannockburn

The Battle of Bannockburn was the greatest defeat thus far the Scottish forces inflicted on the English army. Take ten questions on this bloody and stirring battle.

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Date Submitted: February 05, 2017
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Battle of Bannockburn

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1. In what century was the Battle of Bannockburn fought?
  A.   12th
  B.   13th
  C.   14th
  D.   15th

2. Who was the leader of the Scottish at Bannockburn?
  A.   The Black Douglas
  B.   William Wallace
  C.   Bonnie Prince Charlie
  D.   Robert Bruce

3. Who was the leader of the English army?
  A.   Edward I
  B.   Edward II
  C.   Henry VI
  D.   William IV

4. What famous castle overlooked the Battle of Bannockburn?
  A.   Sterling
  B.   Edinburgh
  C.   Windsor
  D.   Balmoral

5. Approximately how many comprised the Scottish forces against the estimated 20,000 English at the Battle of Bannockburn?
  A.   2000
  B.   4000
  C.   8000
  D.   14000

6. What weapon used by the Scots was pivotal in their success at Bannockburn?
  A.   bow and arrow
  B.   pike
  C.   broadsword
  D.   battle axe

7. Who was the English knight whose head was cleaved with a battle axe in a battlefield joust with the leader of the Scots?
  A.   Sir Henry Beaumont
  B.   Sir Robert Clifford
  C.   Sir Henry de Bohun
  D.   Sir Alexander Seton

8. The English king had taken as hostage which relations of his Scottish opponent?
  A.   wife
  B.   sisters
  C.   children
  D.   all the above

9. Bannockburn is what geographical feature?
  A.   river
  B.   mountain
  C.   town
  D.   lake

10. What Scottish song commemorates the Battle of Bannockburn?
  A.   Auld Lang Syne
  B.   Scots wa hae’
  C.   Loch Lomond
  D.   Skye Boat Song®   

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