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Trivia Quiz - Famous People Named Jones: Part 3

There are many people named Jones, some of them famous. Find the first names of these well-known Jones people.

Quiz Number: 4830
Date Submitted: November 23, 2012
Quiz Categories: History, Culture
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Famous People Named Jones Part 3

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1. What is the real first name of movie hero Indiana Jones?
  A.   James
  B.   Junior
  C.   Hubert
  D.   Henry

2. Which Jones was a golfing champion in the 1920s & 1930s having won many US and British Open titles?
  A.   Tommy
  B.   Johnny
  C.   Bobby
  D.   Ronny

3. What was the first name of famed 17th Century British architect Jones?
  A.   Inigo
  B.   Mungo
  C.   Domenico
  D.   Bruno

4. Which Jones wrote the acclaimed book "From Here To Eternity"?
  A.   Jeremy
  B.   James
  C.   Joshua
  D.   John

5. What was the affectionate name given to Mary Jones, who was a US union organizer in the late 19th and early 20th Century?
  A.   Mother
  B.   Grandma
  C.   Sister
  D.   Ma

6. Lord Snowden, who married Princess Margaret, was a famous Jones with what first name?
  A.   Albert
  B.   Andrew
  C.   Alan
  D.   Antony

7. Which sprinter named Jones was the track star of the 2000 Sydney Olympics only to be uncovered as a drug cheat?
  A.   Martha
  B.   Marion
  C.   Maggie
  D.   Millie

8. Which actress Jones is best known for playing Betty Draper on "Mad Men"?
  A.   January
  B.   April
  C.   June
  D.   August

9. Which Country and Western singer named Jones counted Tammy Wynette as one of his four wives?
  A.   Jack
  B.   Jim
  C.   George
  D.   John

10. Which Jones won everlasting fame as Morticia on "The Addams Family" TV series?
  A.   Shirley
  B.   Carolyn
  C.   Jennifer
  D.   Julie®   

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