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Trivia Quiz - English Channel Swims

Swimming the English Channel is regarded as the pinnacle for most long distance swimmers due to the cold water, challenging tides and the fact the waterway is the busiest in the world.

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Date Submitted: July 07, 2018
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English Channel Swims

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1. What is the shortest distance a successful swimmer will need to cover from England to France?
  A.   16 miles or 26 km
  B.   21 miles or 32 km
  C.   28 miles or 45 km
  D.   32 miles or 51 km

2. Who was the first person to successfully swim the English Channel on August 25, 1875?
  A.   William Webb Ellis
  B.   Benjamin Thomas
  C.   George Peabody
  D.   Matthew Webb

3. How many years elapsed between the first and second successful swims of the English Channel?
  A.   12 years
  B.   24 years
  C.   36 years
  D.   48 years

4. Gertrude Erdele, the first woman to complete a Channel swim hailed from what country?
  A.   United States of America
  B.   Ireland
  C.   Australia
  D.   New Zealand

5. As of July 2018, what is the fastest Channel swim time?
  A.   5 hours 33 minutes
  B.   6 hours 55 minutes
  C.   8 hours 15 minutes
  D.   9 hours 22 minutes

6. What English comedian swam the Channel in 2006 as part of a Sport Relief fund-raiser?
  A.   Lenny Henry
  B.   Jonathan Ross
  C.   Allan Carr
  D.   David Walliams

7. As of July, 2018 what is the record for the most successful English Channel swims?
  A.   27
  B.   35
  C.   43
  D.   68

8. Between 1926 and 2017 how many recorded deaths have occurred during English Channel attempts?
  A.   none
  B.   1
  C.   3
  D.   10

9. As of July, 2018 what is the slowest successful Channel swim?
  A.   28 hours 44 minutes
  B.   39 hours 27 minutes
  C.   48 hours 11 minutes
  D.   66 hours 18 minutes

10. As of 2018, approximately how many successful Channel swims have been made?
  A.   550
  B.   700
  C.   1150
  D.   1400®   

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