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Trivia Quiz - Classic Political Insults 2

Great trivia quiz featuring ten classic political insults from near and far. Match the quotes with the wits who delivered them.

Quiz Number: 3480
Date Submitted: October 08, 2010
Quiz Categories: History
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
Average Score: 28.5 percent
Times Taken: 20 times
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Classic Political Insults 2
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1. "His smile is like the silver fittings on a coffin."
  A.   Benjamin Disraeli
  B.   Winston Churchill
  C.   James Callaghan
  D.   Tony Blair

2. "Like a rotten mackeral in the moonlight, he both shines and stinks."
  A.   Daniel Webster
  B.   John Randolph
  C.   John Quincy Adams
  D.   Abraham Lincoln

3. "A boneless wonder"
  A.   Aneurin Bevan
  B.   William Pitt
  C.   Robert Walpole
  D.   Winston Churchill

4. "He's like a shiver waiting for a spine."
  A.   Paul Keating
  B.   Harold Macmillan
  C.   Harold Wilson
  D.   Gough Whitlam

5. "He crossed the floor twice, each time leaving a trail of slime."
  A.   David Lloyd George
  B.   Lord Beaverbrook
  C.   Anthony Eden
  D.   Alec Douglas-Home

6. "The sensitivity of a sex-starved boa constrictor."
  A.   Tony Blair
  B.   Michael Foot
  C.   Tony Banks
  D.   Neil Kinnock

7. "He did not seem to care which way he travelled, as long as he was in the driver's seat."
  A.   Calvin Coolidge
  B.   Lord Beaverbrook
  C.   Adlai Stevenson
  D.   Harold Wilson

8. "He brings to the fierce struggle of politics the tepid enthusiasm of a lazy summer afternoon at a cricket match."
  A.   Winston Churchill
  B.   Aneurin Bevan
  C.   Margaret Thatcher
  D.   James Callaghan

9. "He's like a lizard on a rock - alive but looking dead."
  A.   John Howard
  B.   Bill Clinton
  C.   George H W Bush
  D.   Paul Keating

10. "The Democratic Party is not one but two political parties with the same name. They unite only once every two years to wage political campaigns."
  A.   Richard Nixon
  B.   Ronald Reagan
  C.   Dwight Eisenhower
  D.   Abraham Lincoln®   

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