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Trivia Quiz - About Being a Gentleman

A trivia quiz about being gentle and a gentleman.

Quiz Number: 4403
Date Submitted: April 10, 2012
Quiz Categories: History, Culture
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
Average Score: 43.8 percent
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About Being a Gentleman
(Image Source: Gentlemen's Club)

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1. Who was regarded as a gentleman of the road?
  A.   beggar
  B.   highway-man
  C.   hitch hiker
  D.   coach driver

2. What profession was known as the gentle craft?
  A.   candle making
  B.   nursing
  C.   hair dressing
  D.   shoe making

3. Which country was described as "a nation of gentlemen"?
  A.   Scotland
  B.   France
  C.   Spain
  D.   USA

4. Who was regarded as a gentleman of fortune?
  A.   freelance soldier
  B.   pick pocket
  C.   pirate
  D.   grave robber

5. What was the gentleman in black velvet?
  A.   panther
  B.   fox
  C.   seal
  D.   mole

6. What was or is a gentleman at large?
  A.   A man of independent means who does not have to work for a living.
  B.   A man on the prowl for loose women.
  C.   A pilgrim on the road to Canterbury.
  D.   A well-read and travelled man.

7. Who was or is The Old Gentleman?
  A.   Moses
  B.   Methuselah
  C.   The Devil
  D.   Noah

8. What is a gentleman's gentleman?
  A.   barrister
  B.   manservant
  C.   Saville Row tailor
  D.   A judge's secretary

9. What is a gentleman's agreement?
  A.   One which disadvantages women.
  B.   The confidentiality between a tailor and client.
  C.   An agreement between aristocratic gentlemen to share mistresses.
  D.   An understanding reached based on mutual honor, usually a handshake.

10. Who or what is Gentleman Jack?
  A.   A 19th century pugilist
  B.   A brand of whiskey
  C.   A term applied to writer, Jack London
  D.   The gallows at Tyburn.®   

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