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Trivia Quiz - Mary Pickford: "America's Sweetheart"

Did you know that Mary Pickford was one the 36 original founders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS)?

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Date Submitted: February 28, 2011
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Author: bill
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Quiz is about: Mary Pickford

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Mary Pickford Americas Sweetheart
(Image Source: Mary Pickford @ Wikimedia Commons)

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1. As a young girl, Mary Pickford started her acting career in her Canadian home town. Where was it?
  A.   Vancouver
  B.   Montreal
  C.   Toronto
  D.   Saskatoon

2. What pioneering silent film director discovered Mary Pickford?
  A.   D.W. Griffith
  B.   George D. Baker
  C.   George Marshall
  D.   George Irving

3. In 1917, Mary Pickford starred as a child in three films. Which of the following was not one of them?
  A.   The Poor Little Rich Girl
  B.   Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
  C.   A Little Princess
  D.   Lovely Little Bess

4. Mary Pickford was a co-founder of what well-known movie studio?
  A.   Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
  B.   Paramount Pictures
  C.   20th Century Fox
  D.   United Artists

5. What was Mary Pickford's first sound film (talkie)?
  A.   Kiki
  B.   Forever Yours
  C.   The Taming of the Shrew
  D.   Coquette

6. In what film did Mary Pickford play two parts - mother and son?
  A.   The Hill Billy (1914)
  B.   Little Annie Rooney (1925)
  C.   Little Lord Fauntleroy (1921)
  D.   Tess of the Storm Country (1922)

7. For her role in what film did Mary Pickford win her only Academy Award for Best Actress?
  A.   Rosita (1923)
  B.   Pollyanna (1920)
  C.   Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (1917)
  D.   Coquette (1929)

8. What is the nickname of the mansion once owned by Mary Pickford and her husband Douglas Fairbanks?
  A.   Pickford's Palace
  B.   Pickfair
  C.   Mary Pickford's Mansion
  D.   Fairbanks Hunting Lodge

9. What was Mary Pickford's last film as an actress?
  A.   Secrets
  B.   Kiki
  C.   Forever Yours
  D.   The Taming of the Shrew

10. In 1955, Mary Pickford published her autobiography. What is it called?
  A.   America's Sweetheart
  B.   Sunshine and Shadow
  C.   Mary Pickford's & the Silver Screen
  D.   What You Need to Know About Mary®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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