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Trivia Quiz - Oprah Winfrey: Talkative Philanthropist

Oprah Winfey is an idol for many women of all ages and color across the world!

Quiz Number: 1109
Date Submitted: April 21, 2007
Quiz Categories: TV Talk Shows
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: nut_meg
Average Score: 67.4 percent
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Quiz is about: Oprah Winfrey

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Oprah Winfrey Talkative Philanthropist
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1. What is Oprah's company or enterprise known as?
  A.   The Winfrey Enterprise
  B.   Harpo Group
  C.   Win Free with Oprah
  D.   Oprah Studios

2. What was her mother originally going to name her?
  A.   Queen
  B.   Princess
  C.   Orpah
  D.   James, as she wanted a boy

3. Which of the following tragedies has Oprah dealt with personally?
  A.   sexual abuse through her childhood
  B.   teenage pregnancy
  C.   weight issues
  D.   All of the above

4. Who is Oprah's leading man or partner?
  A.   John Travolta
  B.   Jamie Foxx
  C.   Dr. Phil
  D.   Steadman Graham

5. Where and when was Oprah born?
  A.   Mississippi in 1954
  B.   Mississippi in 1959
  C.   Wisconsin in 1954
  D.   Wisconsin in 1959

6. Who, according to Oprah, is her BFF (best friend forever)?
  A.   Steadman Graham
  B.   Gayle King
  C.   God
  D.   Her mom, Lee

7. What is Angel Network?
  A.   is a charity endorsed by Oprah
  B.   is Steadman's company's name
  C.   is a fundraiser to help those in need.
  D.   rings no bell - no idea

8. Which of the following animals does Oprah keep?
  A.   dogs
  B.   cats
  C.   fish
  D.   is not an animal lover

9. Who is Oprah's personal trainer?
  A.   Steadman is her trainer
  B.   Bob Green
  C.   Nancy Travis
  D.   Greg Brown

10. Who of the following are Oprah's close friends?
  A.   Maria Shriver and Gov.Schwazneggar.
  B.   John Travolta
  C.   Kirstie Alley
  D.   All of the above®   

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