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Trivia Quiz - Michigan Celebrity Facts

How many famous Stars can you identify by their Michigan Connection? Trivia quiz about Michigan celebrities!

Quiz Number: 1304
Date Submitted: June 11, 2007
Quiz Categories: American Culture
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: dave
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Michigan Celebrity Facts
(Image Source: The Freddies)

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1. What famous rock musician from Michigan loves to hunt and has ties to the Hanover-Horton area?
  A.   Bob Seger
  B.   Alice Cooper
  C.   Ted Nugent
  D.   Aretha Franklin

2. What star was born in Rochester Michigan and attended the University of Michigan before heading to New York to make it big as a singer?
  A.   Cher
  B.   Bob Seger
  C.   Aretha Franklin
  D.   Madonna

3. What famous film director was born in Detroit Michigan but grew up in New York, worked with George Lucas and is also known for wine making?
  A.   Francis Ford Coppola
  B.   Stephen Spielberg
  C.   Stanley Kubrick
  D.   James Cameron

4. Who grew up around Chelsea Michigan, attended Central Michigan University, and then left school early to head to New York and hit it big as a film actor?
  A.   Matt Damon
  B.   Jeff Daniels
  C.   Owen Wilson
  D.   Russell Crowe

5. What Celebrity attended Western Michigan University before starring as an accident prone guy on a TV sitcom?
  A.   Jeff Foxworthy
  B.   Rosanne Barr
  C.   Jerry Seinfield
  D.   Tim Allen

6. Who was from Lansing, MI and obtained his undergrad at the University of Michigan before finding his destiny at Stanford and co-founding Google?
  A.   Bruce Eckel
  B.   Larry Page
  C.   Matt Cutts
  D.   Bill Gates

7. Who played Basketball for Michigan State University and then went on to play for the Los Angeles Lakers?
  A.   Scotty Pippen
  B.   Isaiah Thomas
  C.   Magic Johnson
  D.   Shaquille O'Neal

8. Who was born as Vincent Furnier in Detroit, Michigan and became a musician with an early album named "Welcome to My Nightmare"?
  A.   Alice Cooper
  B.   Ted Nugent
  C.   Bob Seger
  D.   Eminem

9. He was born Leslie Lynch King, Jr., grew up in Grand Rapids, MI, became an Eagle Scout, and played football for the University of Michigan before later becoming President of the United States:
  A.   Dwight Eisenhower
  B.   Gerald Ford
  C.   Ronald Regan
  D.   Lyndon Johnson

10. This Star graduated High School in Ann Arbor Michigan and is know for the hit "Turn the Page" among others:
  A.   Madonna
  B.   Ted Nugent
  C.   Alice Cooper
  D.   Bob Seger®   

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