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Trivia Quiz - Record Albums of the 1980s, Part 2

Each of the following record albums was recorded in the 1980s. Can you guess what artist or group recorded it? These album titles will be a little more difficult than the ones in Part 1.

Quiz Number: 2367
Date Submitted: April 12, 2008
Quiz Categories: Music
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
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Record Albums of the 1980s Part 2
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1. Who recorded the album "She's So Unusual?"
  A.   Madonna
  B.   Cyndi Lauper
  C.   Dolly Parton
  D.   Taylor Dane

2. Who recorded the album "Seven and the Ragged Tiger?"
  A.   Duran Duran
  B.   Survivor
  C.   Soft Cell
  D.   Led Zeppelin

3. Who recorded the album "Heartbeat City?"
  A.   REO Speedwagon
  B.   The Cars
  C.   Don Johnson
  D.   J.Geils Band

4. Who recorded the album "Murmur?"
  A.   R.E.M.
  B.   The Pixies
  C.   Husker Du
  D.   The Replacements

5. Who recorded the album "Control?"
  A.   Anita Baker
  B.   Whitney Houston
  C.   Janet Jackson
  D.   Sheila E.

6. Who recorded the album "Night & Day?"
  A.   David Bowie
  B.   Bryan Adams
  C.   Prince
  D.   Joe Jackson

7. Who recorded the album "Graceland?"
  A.   Paul Simon
  B.   Elvis Presley
  C.   Dennis DeYoung
  D.   Grace Jones

8. Who recorded the album "Back in Black?"
  A.   Motley Crue
  B.   Van Halen
  C.   AC/DC
  D.   Public Image LTD

9. Who recorded the album "The One That You Love?"
  A.   Hall & Oates
  B.   Air Supply
  C.   Juice Newton
  D.   Glen Frey

10. Who recorded the album "Valotte?"
  A.   George Harrison
  B.   ELO
  C.   Steve Perry
  D.   Julian Lennon®   

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