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Trivia Quiz - Women's Names in Song Titles

Who sang these songs with women's names in the titles?

Quiz Number: 2457
Date Submitted: April 27, 2008
Quiz Categories: Music
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: scarlettem
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Womens Names in Song Titles
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1. Who recorded the song "Beth" in 1976?
  A.   KISS
  B.   George Jones
  C.   Frank Sinatra
  D.   Alice Cooper

2. Who recorded the song "Hello Mary Lou" in 1961?
  A.   Elvis Presley
  B.   Ricky Nelson
  C.   Pat Boone
  D.   ZZ Top

3. Who performed the song "Nancy (With the Laughing Face)" in 1963?
  A.   Dean Martin
  B.   Perry Como
  C.   Frank Sinatra
  D.   Pat Boone

4. Who recorded the song "Cold Ethyl" in 1975?
  A.   Ted Neugent
  B.   AC/DC
  C.   KISS
  D.   Alice Cooper

5. Who recorded the song "Amanda" in 1985?
  A.   Waylon Jennings
  B.   Willie Nelson
  C.   Hank Snow
  D.   George Jones

6. Who recorded the song "Mary Jane's Last Dance" in 1993?
  A.   Tom Petty
  B.   George Harrison
  C.   Paul McCartney
  D.   John Lennon

7. Who recorded the song "Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town" in 1969?
  A.   Tom Petty
  B.   Leon Russell
  C.   Kenny Rogers
  D.   George Jones

8. Who recorded the song Becky's Bible in 2001?
  A.   Tom Petty
  B.   Jim Reeves
  C.   Chris Knight
  D.   Tim McGraw

9. Who recorded the song "Sylvia's Mother" in 1972?
  A.   Tom Petty
  B.   Alice Cooper
  C.   Ted Neugent
  D.   Dr Hook and the Medicine Show

10. Who recorded the song "Wild Irish Rose" in 1947?
  A.   The Gourds
  B.   Tom T. Hall
  C.   Hank Williams
  D.   George Jones®   

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